Layering Guide For Mumbai’s Mild Winters

December is upon us, and yes, the Mumbai weather is definitely getting cooler. It’s that time of year when we in Mumbai just love to pull out our layers, as, otherwise, they really don’t see the light of day.

Although, we are all well aware that Mumbai experiences only mild winters and this puts an important question in everyone’s minds. “I need a layering guide.” We never know whether its going to be chilly throughout the day or if the afternoon sun will be scorching. The answer to this is to have a good layering guide. The key is to focus on light, trendy, well-fitted jackets or jumpers in this kind of weather, so that you’re neither too hot, nor too cold, but just right.

As part of my brief layering guide, I’ve put three looks together from U.S. Polo. Assn.’s latest collection, to show you just what your winter wardrobe should constitute of.

  1. Get a Sleeveless Jacket

Let me start with my FAVOURITE piece from the collection. The first look comprises a U.S. Polo. Assn. denim sleeveless jacket, paired with a white shirt, beige chinos and sneakers. Simple, yet stylish, right? Now this jacket is my favourite piece because it vaguely resembles the Indian Bandi jacket which is also a personal favourite of mine. It is so unique in its design and adds some edge to a simple look.

2. Get a classic grey zip-up

The second look is also simple. A classic grey zip-up jumper paired with a printed shirt, both from U.S. Polo. Assn. Those who know me, probably know that I love to play around with prints, but winter calls for a slightly more subtle look and the jumper definitely serves a multi-purpose in this look. I find this jacket to be super elegant as it is a cross between a sporty hoodie and a more urban-chic bomber jacket. It’s soft, light and super chic!

3. Experiment with a  printed jacket

My last look comprises a U.S. Polo. Assn. printed hoodie with a simple, self-coloured tee. Casual and effortless, though chic and definitely a staple. You could never go wrong with this one. In a look like this, where the hoodie is a statement piece (the prints), make sure that everything else that you wear is absolutely simple so that the hoodie can really stand out. It’s as simple as that.

So guys, that is my quick layering guide for you, using pieces from U.S. Polo. Assn.’s latest collection. Leave us your comments, questions and thoughts if you have any.
Stay Stylish and enjoy the winter.


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