LinkedIn and Van Heusen seek India’s Most Fashionable Professionals

Recently, Van Heusen, one of India’s most definitive workwear brands went in the quest for the country’s most fashionable professionals. And while they were at it, who better to rope in than the world’s largest professional social networking site? Yup, you’re right, Van Heusen and LinkedIn have collaborated to present the second edition of India’s most fashionable professionals, scouring fastidiously for winners from the latter’s base of 20 million professionals.

The idea of this contest was quite unique. Candidates were ‘nominated’ by others who admired and acknowledged their fashion sense. After all the nominations were done, a panel of experts selected 5 male and 5 female winners who were named ‘India’s Most Fashionable Professionals’ on LinkedIn. Based on the winners, the resulting statistics are particularly interesting, with Delhi emerging as the most fashionable city in India, while LinkedIn and TCS are the most fashionable places to work at.

We at got in touch with the 5 male winners of the Van Heusen and LinkedIn campaign to discover their style essentials and fashion fundamentals. Getting to know the style of the regular Indian guy, irrespective of their profession, and understanding daily fashion trends in different cities is something that we dedicatedly pursue. Enjoy the read.

Winner 1

Most Fashionable Professionals
Amit Bansal loves to sport his single-breasted classic grey suit with a gingham check tie and a funky lapel pin.


2. Age: 34

3. Profession: Director at Edominer Systems, Bangalore.

4. What is your personal style at work? Strictly formal. I love to play around with blazers. Since I am at a senior position, I like to lead by example, especially when it comes to sharp dressing. My formalwear is always impeccably pressed and my shoes are polished to the tee. I always carry two handkerchiefs, one in my bag the other in my pocket.

5. What is your personal style on weekends/when not at work? Weekends are when I bring out all my favourite casual clothes.

6. Three key pieces in your wardrobe that you cannot do without: A belt, a watch and a snazzy blazer. I believe that a blazer can dress up any look with effortless easy.

Winner 2

Most Fashionable Professionals
Nikhil Batra shows off an effortlessly preppy cardigan-shirt-chinos combo here

1. Name: Nikhil Batra

2. Age: 28

3. Profession: Human Ressources professional at RadixWeb, Ahmedabad.

4. What is your personal style at work? I swear by the combination of light shirts and dark trousers. You just can’t go wrong. It may be predictable but I find that there’s a certain timeless elegance to it. I never forget to accessorise. I would like to think of myself as a trendsetter at my workplace.

5. What is your personal style on weekends? Cool and comfortable. After all, it is a time to relax and unwind.

6. Three accessories that you cannot do without: a cool watch, a sophisticated belt and a statement pen. 

7. What is your favourite hair product? I swear by L’Oréal shampoos and styling products. Their gel and wax are absolutely fantastic.

Winner 3


Most Fashionable Professionals
Munish Jindal’s style is young, sharp and urban, always using a tailored blazer over dark denims.

1. Name: Munish Jindal

2. Age: 32

3. Profession: CEO at Egress Enterprises

4. What is your personal style at work? When I am at work, I am particularly fond of wearing statement shirt, whether it is a gingham checked shirt or one with a spread collar. When I dress up in a suit for a formal occasion, I always have a pocket square playing up the colour on the shirt. I prefer to wear neutral or argyle socks with both my business casual and formal looks.

5. What is your personal style on weekends/when not at work? My sense of style is dependent on the season and my to-do list.  However, I make it a point to be perfectly put together for a business lunch or a golf session with a business associate in the evening, even if it is followed by a black tie event.

6. How important are accessories to you? Accessories are extremely important and I always sport a smart watch on my wrist to make a big statement whether am holding my cellphone to my ear or resting my hand on the dinner table.

7. Three key pieces in your wardrobe that you cannot do without: Watch, cufflinks and my cologne.

8.  Your favourite cologne: Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani.

Most Fashionable Professionals
Munish Jindal’s current favourite accessories


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