Magic Geese Migrate to Louis Vuitton Boutique Windows

No matter what people say, I LOVE Louis Vuitton boutique windows anywhere I go.

I am particularly fond of their seasonal window displays. I love how the Louis Vuitton boutique windows across the globe take on the exact same appearance, when a new window theme is decided. I remember the huge safari animal windows at the Paris flagship store last year, as well as the bumble bee displays. And every season, the displays are a feat of innovation and creativity. Beautiful displays serve as the perfect backdrop for their iconic products, highlighted carefully by the use of coloured spotlights.

Well, Louis Vuitton’s back this November, adorning their boutique windows across the globe with a a bunch of magical geese. If you’re stroling past a Vuitton boutique in say Tokyo, New York, or even Mumbai, chances are, you’ll spot a flock of quirky geese holding on to bags, tugging at sleighs and wrapping gifts with bright red ribbon. Each of these geese has been hand-made in clay, exclusively for this season. They will appear before red and green backdrops, complemented with gold that bring to mind board game and the bagatelle-style arcade machines of the early 20th century.

And of course, at Louis Vuitton, it’s not all about the geese. There are bags too you know. That’s why they’re in the business. So the brand has displayed Louis Vuitton Monogram bags from the Vernis, Noir and Rose lines.

Going window shopping takes on a whole new meaning, wouldn’t you agree? Bonne Fete or Happy Holidays, as the folks at Vuitton would say.

Louis Vuitton Boutique

Louis Vuitton Boutique


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