Why We Love The Trunks Company’s Brand of Homegrown Luxury

Our radar is always turned on for interesting brands who are spearheading the trend of Indian homegrown luxury. Imagine our surprise recently, when we discovered a brand that specialises in trunks. Yes, you read that right, trunks. A nod to the old, glorious days of steamboat and airplane travel, when trunks were the ultimate travel fashion statement, these handcrafted trunks from Jaipur, are the vision of The Trunks Company, and their modern reinterpretations of old-style luggage. And as we discovered, there’s an interesting royalty meets sport connection to the brand offering too. Read on to find out more…
The recently held Trunks Company Polo Cup 2017, in Mumbai, was an elegant ode to the king of sports. Besides the polo, the event was an occasion for the brand to mark the launch of their special edition, Polo Trunk. In the Indian luxury market, word on the block is that Jaipur-based The Trunks Company has revived the fine art of trunk-making – bringing back the old glorious tradition of luxury trunks and reinterpreting them in a modern context. I got chatting with the brand’s co-founder Paritosh Mehta, who tells me that the homegrown luxury brand’s vision is “to create a lifestyle around trunks. We don’t believe in following trends or anything of the sort. We go about, fuelled by creative instinct.”

At the core of The Trunks Company’s DNA is this desire showcase India and Indian craft. “We hope to elevate Indian craftsmanship through our trunks and this is our vision. We have a team of 50 local artisans and our daily work mantra is to learn something and improve on our existing knowledge.”

We get into a more in-depth discussion on Indian luxury and craftsmanship. He says something very interesting. “It is time to showcase Indian craft and luxury. The world is waiting to hear from us. Indian craftsmanship has come of age and the ball is in our court. How well we play is up to us. The rest of the world is saturated and they come to India to look for inspiration. We have grown up around art like embroidery, leather craftsmanship, metal designs and so much more. Everyone gets inspired and wants to reproduce our ideas.” Are there any challenges in this regard? “Unfortunately, our craftsmanship never evolves to the whole vision, the goal and the dream.”



Travel Meets Sport

Paritosh tells me that, as a brand, “The Trunks Company fits perfectly with polo not only because of the brand’s personality but also because the city of Jaipur is a city of royalty. Jaipur’s citizens have been playing polo for more than 100 years.” This boils down, then, to a close tie between the sport and the brand’s exquisite, handcrafted trunks.


As Paritosh and I look at the gorgeous Polo Trunk, on display at the polo match, he tells me, “this particular trunk too 500-600 man hours to create. It is made of full-grained leather, with suede interiors, wood binding and teakwood contouring.” Would this trunk go on sale, then? “It is not part of our regular collection. It has been designed to be like an installation and pay homage to the game.” That said, we’re sure, if someone steps forward to buy it, Paritosh would not object. The price would be given on request, but our sources tell us that the trunk would be priced at around INR 6 lakh.

We’re keen to know more about the creative process behind The Trunks Company, so we shall be going on a quest to discover more, in the near future. Watch this space… and, in the meanwhile, don’t forget to always support homegrown luxury!


Kristianne Mascarenhas


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