Luxe Experiential : Shantanu & Nikhil Menswear Store Mumbai

I have been keeping a close eye on Shantanu & Nikhil’s menswear creations for the past few years and I have to say that I have always had a soft spot for this designer duo. Their sartorial sense has been on point, their finish is impeccable and their cuts sharp. In all objectivity, they are one of my favourite menswear designers in the market today.

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Recently, to my delight, Shantanu & Nikhil launched a new menswear store at the heart of Mumbai’s historic Kala Ghoda district. The charming neighbourhood is a perfect choice to showcase their unique work, which brings heritage and contemporary elements together. A perfect fit!
I visited the store and it is stunning! More than just a mundane retail space, this is a store where design and imagery evolve into perfectly crafted pieces that can only be described as dapper.




Structure and silhouettes are, of course, integral to their design and their sense of masculine elegance is a signature. I’ve realized that detailing is also a forte for the duo. Take for instance, the collection they showcased at the GQ Fashion nights (these pieces are showcased in the store as well). We remember that collection fondly as it was really quite something. The buttons on the pieces from that collection are 1 anna coins, further emphasising their attention to details. Their colour palette is balanced and their use of material and textures is spectacular. The natural lighting and ambience of the store definitely contributes to the experience.



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My favourite part of my time spent at their new store, was watching Nikhil at work, fixing the look of a model. Moving about, making minor adjustments. I am happy to have captured this candid moment. I think I’ve said enough, but I do encourage you to visit their store and experience it for yourself.


Experienced by Kristianne Mascarenhas


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