Marc Jacobs designed Diet Coke cans

Hey Guys! I absolutely LOVE the limited edition collection of Diet Coke cans designed by Marc Jacobs. The cola brand’s anniversary was celebrated in Europe with this chic and super cool collaboration. The cans are a tribute to the fashionable people of the ’80s, ’90s and 2000s. Each can bears a design which best describes the woman of her decade.

marc jacobs diet coke can 3 IIHIH

I was instantly transported to New York’s bright lights, Broadway and Radio City Music Hall, which inspired the collection. Interestingly enough, it was in New York that the diet cola made its international debut in 1982.


The 1990’s were a clear indication towards glamour and sartorial audacity which is basically showcased by a dame clad in a fuchsia frock, beautiful long gloves, sexy stiletto heels and an over the top hat to go with it.


The 2000 is characterized by a mix of sporty chic energy along with geometric stripes. The houndstooth bikini is my ultimate favorite. It’s so retro and colourful.

First Jean Paul Gaultier and now Marc Jacobs, the two legendary designers have come out with some great and impressive designs on cola cans. Hats off to them! The Marc Jacobs cans are now available across Europe. Now I know what I will be looking for on my next visit to Europe.


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