Meet India’s Coolest Homegrown Sneaker Brand: Whitesoul

There’s a new sneaker in town! Whitesoul, an Indian homegrown sneaker brand, launched recently in 2017. They offer premium quality leather shoes and belts for men, and have definitely caught my eye. Today, they are launching a new collection of luxury sneakers and we are super interested to know more. Read on to see what their founder Mayush Kukreja has to say about this growing brand.

Tell us a little about Whitesoul. 

Since the inception of Whitesoul in 2017 we observed that starting and growing a company is hard, and running one is harder. Doing this day in and day out can be infuriating. But amidst these thoughts was a determination to achieve all that we desire and envision as a team, for our brand.
Being a fashion enthusiast and keen observer of the ever evolving trends; the idea of introducing a brand that is a one stop fashion destination for elegant and stylish buyers struck. Moreover the fact that no Indian brand entirely focuses on sneakers, boosted our confidence a lot more. In addition, working with renowned designers like Shantanu & Nikhil and Rohit Bal helped me understand their point of view on this initiative and also gave me the push to accumulate funds and start my own label called WhiteSoul. I continue to work with these spectacular designers and seek expert advice and suggestions from them constantly.


What inspired this home grown sneaker brand?

As an entrepreneur there is always dedication and will to bring to the table something new and refreshing for your customers. We at Whitesoul constantly look for innovative offerings in order to serve the best to our patrons. With a vision to bring around a fresh and new perspective to the ecommerce industry, Whitesoul began its journey in 2017. The brand has clearly aligned its vision with the national and global standards of the e-commerce industry with the ability to spot business opportunities not apparent to others in the industry. Our main objective is to bridge the gap of offering subtle yet stylish sneakers to middle aged and young audience without having to compromise on the quality of the product.


Tell me a little bit about the process of making a pair of sneakers.

At Whitesoul, we use the finest leather and the most premium fittings to achieve the desired results in our range of products. Unusual yet classic designs in 100% premium leather combined with rubber soles for our footwear range have always been the source of signature Whitesoul creativity. Our emphasis has and will always remain on serving our target group with 100% genuine leather. We also understand the nuances of wearing the right footwear to get the best comfort since shoes speak a lot about ones personality. We ensure every pair of sneaker manufactured is flexible which means the front end of the shoe sole is supple enough to cater to the movement of the toes. In addition our shoes stabilize the user’s feet and provide comfortable cushioning. Our intricate manufacturing expertise and penchant for perfection will always help us to be recognized as one of the most renowned and innovative footwear brand in the country.


Tell me about the new collection. What are these Lite Weight Sneakers you’ll are introducing all about?

We are highly committed towards providing the best to our customers and ensure they become loyal towards our brand. Hence, our designs are inspired by fashionable yet elegant style and whichever product the customer decides on will surely be an exceptional piece of art.
Since, our brand is well accepted among the young and middle aged audience we shall continue to offer them the best in class. Keeping the same in mind, our new collection features a newly engineered lighter weight shoes to cater to the demands of our audience. A mix of sneakers and sliders; the new launch is made with the aim to help cushion your sore feet as we all go through hectic schedules as we are literally on our feet most of the time. The simple yet classy aesthetic designs of this collection would surely make you feel confident about your entire look.


You can shop the new collection from the website:


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