Riaan Picks His Favourite Mens Accessories

As you all know, I am crazy about mens accessories. I am not particularly experimental with my wardrobe choices and I prefer to keep it simple and classic. However, for me, a statement accessory, quirky or understated, can make a huge statement.

For instance, I have often posted pictures of my quirky watch collection where I wear a bright fluo watch under a formal shirt. I just love it. And, of course, you mustn’t get me started about coloured socks. I simply can’t have enough. So much so that, the other day, I decided to be adventurous and wore blue and black pop stripe socks to my formal bandhgala fitting, and was promptly told off by my stylist.

Getting back to the subject of mens accessories, I am happy to announce that Indian guys are NO LONGER afraid to accessorise. I see wonderful style experiments with belts, shoes, watch straps, ties, bow-ties and the works, in restaurants, malls and bars across the cities. And, at the risk of sounding redundant, this brings me to the subject of my blogpost — ACCESSORIES.

So I was invited by THE COLLECTIVE, one of my favourite multi-brand luxury destinations, to spend an afternoon at their Palladium Lower Parel store, and to check out their accessories collection. After endless debate and consideration, I finally managed to shortlist a few accessories, which make it to my HOT LIST for this season.

I started off my ‘hunt’ on a rather classic note. Just so you know, there is NOTHING that pleases me more than a classic Swiss watch. So Frederique Constant’s gold and white model instantly caught my eye. I am not so much a fan of metal straps, which is why I always gravitate to the leather straps.

mens accessories

mens accessories
A formal watch like this can do pretty well on my informal chino and rolled-up-sleeves look.

mens accessories

I love cufflinks and I lament that we in Mumbai do not sport them enough. There’s nothing more charming than a classy shirt cuff, gleaming with the shine of a cufflink. I picked out this ‘Roulette’ cufflink by Tateossian, which I found quite cool.

mens accessories
It actually has a moving roulette ball inside.

Back to my watch, I thought I needed a nice pair of gold Tateossian cufflinks to complement the gold on my Frederique Constant, so I chose this AWESOME pair of ‘mechanic’ cufflinks in yellow gold.

mens accessories
Mechanical cufflinks

Of all the accessories on my seasonal list, this one is MY FAVOURITE. If you look at it once, it seems like an innocuous black metal and rubber cufflink….mens accessoriesLook closer…It’s a USB drive…yes you read that right! Tatetossian’s cufflinks have 2 GB on each of cuff, in case you were wondering. How’s that for information portability!

mens accessories
And oh…I threw in a sporty Emporio Armani watch for good measure.
mens accessories
Just picture the look of your colleagues at a meeting when you pull this one out!

So I was thinking, I need to make things fun around here… So I picked out this PENGUIN cufflink by Hackett London, in black metal and mother-of-pearl. I say ONLY wear this on a white shirt.

mens accessories
I see this going perfectly with a tuxedo. Especially with this pair of patent Hugo Boss lace-ups and this silver gold Frederique Constant.

I’ve been dabbling in too much formal wear so I decided to ditch the fancy stuff and slip into this pair of orange suede loafers by Versace. Add to it this large messenger bag by Ted Baker in brown leather, and you’re good to take on any urban challenge that might come your way.mens accessories

And finally, I just fell in LOVE with this pair of Ted Baker Brogues. It’s easy to guess what I love about these: the houndstooth fabric elements, paired with the leather…mens accessories

So guys, here are my TOP accessories for this season. What are you waiting for…it’s time to jazz those wardrobes up. Thanks to my friends at The Collective for being such wonderful ‘style partners’. Stay stylish folks…

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