Men’s Fashion Trends at The Kingfisher Ultra Indian Derby

As we expected, the Kingfisher Ultra Indian Derby turned out to be a fun celebration of great style. Mumbai’s gentlemen turned up in full-force, pressed and dressed at the Derby, showing off some pretty interesting trends. As you would expect, there were some hits and lots of misses. We at UrbanEye trawled the crowd, spotting spring-summer 2016 trends, amidst bow-ties, brogues and blazers. Read on to know just what went down at the Mumbai derby and how Mumbai’s men fared in terms of menswear trends.

Colour du jour – Navy
Arguably the hottest colour out on the turf this season was navy. Seen on blazers, trousers, shirts and even bow-ties, the nautical favourite has taken centre stage. It has the right balance between modern style and old-school charm and works well with almost anything. While we did spot the trusty navy blazer-white shirt combo on many, we saw a few interesting twists too. A gentleman’s super elegant red turban to offset his navy blazer, another using a navy polka dot pocket square and yet another opting for a micro-print shirt and a navy tie.

Brogues For Boys
Let’s face it, brogues are indeed the best choice of footwear for a daytime event like the derby. The trending footwear seemed to be tan brogues, which were worn with effortless ease. Paired with white or black trousers or even beige, tan brogues made quite a statement of the derby. Blue and black seemed to be a hot pick there for trousers. While this pair of shoes isn’t technically a brogue, we loved its vintage appeal.

Charming Checks

It appears that some trends just never go out of style. Take checks, for instance, they are oh-so-charming.
We spotted a lovely black and white gingham check shirt, with a beige blazer and a slim grey, knit tie for texture. Perfect for a day out in the sun. We also spotted a nifty double-breasted blazer, worn with a white shirt. Quite effortless! We also loved this pair of brown checked trousers, paired with slip-ons to make it looks so well put-together.

Signature Blazers

Blazers have been making men look classy since the 18th century. I truly loved some of the blazers I saw at the derby. Here are a few interesting blazers I spotted yesterday. The red blazer sported by restaurateur Nico Goghawala, was my favorite from the bunch because this is classic derby-wear, in its purest form, paired with a jaunty hat and a bowtie. Red blazers appear to be an upcoming trend for men and this proves it.
This gentleman has worn a brown houndstooth knitted blazer with suspenders underneath. A white shirt with it always does the trick. Similar to this was a grey blazer with pocket detailing. What we loved here was that instead of a simple coloured shirt, this dude opted for a mandarin color, which add a nice touch to the look.


I would like to bring to light some really funky accessories worn by some really funky men, at the derby last afternoon.
We loved this gentleman’s pair of Marc Jacobs brown shades, which went very well with the blazer he wore. On the other hand this gentleman wearing the grey blazer wore quite a unique pair of shades, which, somehow he pulled off this smoothly. A few ties and lapel accessories also caught my eye. A striped tie with a tie pin worn by this youngster was very simple but made a statement.
Our pick is the red tie with paisley print and a tie-pin. It’s also nice to see some people bringing back the trend of suspenders and fancy bow-ties, incorporating it into derby attire.

By Mikhail Gomes, Team UrbanEye.


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