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A trend that is fast catching up, and gaining visibility in street fashion, is the Aztec print. The Aztec people are ethnic groups of central Mexico. And whilst you may not necessarily be vacationing there, wearing a piece of their tradition wouldn’t do you any harm. Ancient civilisations have always influenced our wardrobes – Green, African, Japanese and Egyptian. In fact, the paisley print, with its Indo-Persian origin, is a trademark of Italian designer brand Etro.



The Aztec design is characterised by geometric shapes in varied patterns, blocks and lines with bright, neon or subdued colours. These individual pieces look best paired with bold colours. Whilst the ladies can throw in feathered accessories or a simple Aztec print piece of foot wear, men can team them with denims and steel/silver accessories. Introduced in 2009, the Aztec print did not really kick off in India till 2012 when it was popularised by the trendy folks on the indie music scene. One such person is Varoon Nair from the erstwhile band The Mavyns, currently going solo as Squid Works. Here, he tells us why he loves the Aztec print – “Well I really love the Aztec print because I favour geometry in design and the fact that I can experiment with solid colours over it. The prints are usually real busy but they do well when teamed with denims.”


Where to buy: A lot of stores currently feature Aztec prints in India, like Zara, Jack Jones and Mango (for women). Alternatively, they can be picked up online with brands like Urban Outfitters retailing them on ASOS.

Featured Model: Himanshu Singh
Styling: Indrakshi Ria Pattanaik
Wardrobe : The Source, Bandra West


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asos-orange-asos-shirt-in-aztec-print-product-1-3514887-646319509_large_flexRiaan’s View: I’ve never been too big on prints in my wardrobe as I am not one to experiment with prints. That being said, I find the Aztec prints particularly pleasing. I am not yet ready to wear an Aztec printed shirt, but a slight motif here and there, adding fun to my look, would do me some good. Look at these shorts, for instance, plain and simple, with a slight Aztec lining at the bottom. I’d LOVE a pair of these. 9234944b





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