Mumbai Sartorial Guide 2015

Gentlemen of Mumbai, it is true that we are a picky lot. Gone are the days when we could get away with wearing just about anything, dismissing it with those famous last words ‘men don’t need to be fashion conscious’. Most importantly, we have all gladly bid goodbye to the days when shopping was just a boring task, completed at breakneck speed, only to procure a bunch of ill-fitting, impractical and fashionably-challenged clothes. Today, the Mumbai gentleman can be seen strutting through offices, malls and cinemas, impeccably coiffed, immaculately clad and groomed to perfection, wearing his style on his sleeve. The boys are now as fashionable as their belles. Who would have thought! We’ve broken out of the predictable mould of the ill-fitting jeans and tee to move towards specialised tailoring for shirts, trousers, jackets. We’ve discovered that made-to-measure trumps readymade, any day, especially in formalwear. We’ve learnt that shoes maketh a man indeed. We’ve also grasped that accessories — ties, bow ties, pocket squares, quality watches — are indispensable. And lastly, we’ve learnt that when we choose to sport a beard, it needs to be groomed, trimmed and cut to perfection.

So we at, India’s coolest menswear and luxury blog, are happy to bring you our very first ‘Mumbai Sartorial Guide 2015’. We went through dozens of candidates before finally handpicking the best, and our favourite, 11 brands, designers and stores that made the cut to our list. These are brands that we think you should know about. We’ve consciously stayed away from mass-produced brands and chosen to largely showcase smaller, more exclusive brands, each with a strong focus and speciality. From personalised watches, made-to-measure suits, travelling tailors, bespoke shirts and trousers, London barbershops to fabulous shoe collections, we’ve got it all covered. We hope you enjoy our luxe list… Stay Stylish!

Note: Brands are featured in no particular order

Riaan George: The #GroomingGuru

Photography – Vishal Jolapara


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