My Current Pick: Nivea Men Fresh Power Roll-On

As a Grooming Guru, I regularly receive queries from my male readers regarding the proper use of a deodorant. To begin with, I must highlight the importance of deodorant, especially in the tropical Indian climate, where one tends to sweat more. Therefore, deodorant is possibly THE MOST important part of a man’s grooming ritual. After all, you wouldn’t want to be known as the ‘guy with body odour’.

When it comes to my personal grooming ritual, I have always been using the roll-on format, keeping in mind the purpose of an anti-perspirant product. If you are unfamiliar with the benefits of a roll-on deodorant, here are my tips on why you should incorporate a good roll-on deodorant into your post-shower grooming ritual.

It is long-lasting and I find that I am not required to reapply it during the day. A good quality roll-on deodorant will see you through the day with ease.
It’s eco-friendly as a roll-on deodorant contains no gas at all.
It’s more discreet with regards to fragrance. The function of a roll-on is more to prevent body odour, rather than as a fragrance product.
It’s travel friendly. This has probably been my biggest deciding factor to opt for the roll-on format. I need to constantly pack a deodorant into my cabin grooming kit. I find that packing in a small bottle of roll-on deodorant is far easier and far less space-consuming than any other product. When I travel, I only carry a roll-on. More importantly, if I am on a long flight, I reapply some roll-on just as part of my pre-landing freshening-up ritual and I find that it makes me feel, and smell, better.
It doesn’t burn. With some products, I have experienced a burning effect on the armpits. This does not occur with a roll-on, thankfully.
It isn’t sticky. Contrary to what many gentlemen believe, and have told me, I do not find a roll-on sticky. However, if you do feel sticky, this probably means that you’ve applied too much.
So there you have it, my personal opinion on roll-on deodorants. It goes into my grooming kit because it is practical, long-lasting and travel-friendly. My current pick: Nivea Men Fresh Power roll-on.



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