My Spring Accessory: Coloured Watches


Good Morning Guys, hope you’re having a swell time! There’s way too much happening right now and we have so many updates to bring you. Can I start by telling you that I’ve found my must-have accessory for this season?

The POP flash coloured watches from Salvatore Ferragamo!!! It was a tough choice between the blue, yellow and red but I choose red! I already have a bright yellow watch and there is way too much blue in my wardrobe.

Now that you’ve procured a coloured watch for yourself, you are wondering what you’d like to pair it with. The easiest choice would be with a casual look? But I say most certainly not! That would be way too boring! I’d say, wear it with a boring grey or black suit or let it peek out from under the cuff of a formal shirt! It adds that perfect dash of colour and makes your look a bit naughty and fun without being too outrageous! It’s the season for colour, guys, so let’s embrace it! Stay Stylish


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