Nick Wooster – The Sartorial Bad-ass


It gives me great pleasure to write about one of my favourite faces in Fashion today. Forget Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs (although they are handsome!), this guy I will introduce you to, has each look so striking, so down to the T, its just amazing how he NEVER fails to impress each time he makes an appearance.

If there was any man that inspired me in fashion, with his manly looks and ruggedness that will never ever look girly, a man who inspired me to “keep it real” it certainly has to be Nick Wooster.

This guy is never afraid to push the envelope just the right amount and in terms of his wardrobe choices – he lives on the edge.

He is just about always dressed impeccably and truly owns each and everything he wears!

In the industry Wooster has been around the block, being the Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman and more recently the SVP for Brand, Trend and Design at JC Penny.

The dude is frequently spotted on various fashion blogs around the world, for what else? but his kick-ass style.

If I have to advise any man on how to dress, it would have to be like him. One cannot look more look manly than him in Pink.The best part of it all he is carefully careless. Which is the best rule of style- it should never look like you’ve put too much of an effort into it. Big difference between “carefully careless” and “carelessly careful”, make sure you always pick the former when it comes to style.

Know your body, figure out the lines most flattering and keep it consistent.


This is what Nick Wooster does – the hair, beard, sunglasses and tattoos remain constant, the rest is clothes. In short, ‘he maketh the clothes, the clothes dont maketh him’


I do have a friend, who reminds me of a more or less younger Nick Wooster.

He channels Nick Wooster sometimes, in fact no other guy I’ve met has come as close.

I met Allen last year and his style channels a younger Nick Wooster.


Decide for yourself!


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