Ever wondered what happens when a heritage neo-classic building is transformed into a brand new, cutting edge boutique hotel. Well, if you check into Barcelona’s super chic Ohla Barcelona Hotel, your question will be answered.

The latest addition to Barcelona’s impressive design and boutique hotel scene, Ohla Barcelona has already, in the first few months of its existence, made it to the list of top boutique hotels in the world.

My first impression of Barcelona came to me through my extremely chatty taxi driver who did all he could, in his broken Iberian English, to show off his city. It is only fair to say that he had every reason. I would if I belonged to Barcelona. It truly is one of Europe’s hippest, most stylish cities.

Thanks to my chatty driver, the journey from the airport to Ohla Barcelona went by in a jiffy. We made our way through the narrow lanes and broad avenues of central Barcelona before pulling up in front of Ohla Barcelona. Across the street, I could see the Palau de la Musica and then I looked up to admire Ohla’s façade. It was breathtaking. The old façade of this neo-classic building was dotted with 1000 ceramic eye sculptures, inserted into the building by the architect. The resulting effect was spectacular. The modern and the ancient so beautifully juxtaposed. I couldn’t help but wonder what the insides of this unique style hotel would be like.

Minimalist luxury is what came to my mind as I checked in. If the lobby was anything to go by, my stay would be characterised by discreet, understated luxury. I checked into my tastefully done room that had an undeniable design feel to it. Loads of modern fabrics, palettes of white, black, oak were enough to cut me off from the chaos of Barcelona outside my window.

I looked at the 40-inch television in front of my bed and thought to myself, ‘I wont be needing this in Barcelona.’

Ohla Barcelona takes modern design to a whole new level. The shower cubicle in my room was completely transparent, with no possibility of covering it. So unless you’re extremely open-minded, you might want to leave the room while your friend takes a shower. Thankfully, I was alone and hence the issue did not arise.

The sun had set and Barcelona looked resplendent under the stars. I was asked to go to the rooftop to experience the ‘highlight of the hotel’. And there it was. The rooftop at Ohla Barcelona is absolutely stunning. It offers a spectacular view of the city and its ancient quarter and the tiny poolside is super stylish. In my opinion, this is a great place to enjoy some champagne cocktails, in complete anonymity. The stars were shining down on the Spanish city and it was time for me to go down to the Ohla Boutique Bar and sample some cocktails by the city’s leading bartenders. Besides that, the tapas options that came out for me were delightful to say the very least. Needless to say, I spotted some of Barcelona’s A-listers discreetly seated at the bar.


UrbanEye.in absolutely loves this super stylish boutique hotel and highly recommends it to all those travelling to Barcelona, looking to be enveloped in art, design, discretion and all things trendy. Ohla Barcelona gets our thumbs up.


The Ohla Boutique Bar is stylish and extremely laidback, frequented by the city’s elite locals and discreet travellers. The bartenders whip up a range of exotic cocktails while the chefs delight you with some of Barcelona’s best tapas options.

If you prefer to stay away from large chain hotels, Ohla Barcelona is your best bed. Trendy, artistic, discreet and undeniably Spanish: that’s our verdict.



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