Oskar Zieta: Breathing metal at India Design Forum 2013

If there was anyone who managed to make us gasp and delighted, Zieta would win hands down! This brilliant Polish designer has won prestigious awards such as the Red Dot Design Award, German Design Council Award and the Forum AID Award for his innovative work with metal and FiDU technology. FiDU is Free Inner Pressure Deformation and it allows you to balloon flat molded surfaces made by two plates of steel which have been welded together. This creates fascinating 3D objects where even though the original template was the same, the end result creates a unique product.

Oskar 01

This can be seen with Oskar’s intensely popular Plopp stool. As Oskar says, “Less mass – more Possibilities.” What I found interesting about this design process is that while the original template may only be about 16kb in size, the output at the product stage is that of a 142kb file. All that by just breathing air into a hard cold substance like steel and making it seem soft, pliable and pillowy.

Oskar 02

Shweta Kaushik



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