Outer Space-Inspired Prints: French Connection Spring Summer Collection

If you’ve been following my blogposts in the past few weeks, you would have noticed that I have quite warmed up to the idea of wearing prints. A few years ago, when the whole solid colour trend was ruling the roost, the very thought of wearing a shirt, which featured more than one colour could make me shudder. But times have changed and with it, so does fashion. I recently checked out the French Connection Spring Summer collection at their store in Mumbai’s Palladium mall. Seems like the guys at French Connection have travelled to outer space to seek inspiration for their super fun new collection. And here are my favourite picks from the French Connection Spring Summer collection.

 I have to begin with the piece that I loved the most from the collection. This retro-style space printed half-sleeve shirt. This shirt seems to be inspired from those fabulous space adventure comic books, which I was so obsessed about when I was a boy and features a nice hodgepodge of colours. I chose to pair it with my comfy H & M beige chinos to keep it sober at the bottom and funky on the top. French Connection Spring Summer Collection

French Connection Spring Summer Collection

French Connection Spring Summer Collection

Then I began to trip on another piece. This super classy bluish-grey half-sleeve shirt with these AWESOME rockets on it. What I loved about this shirt is the fact that unless you look really closely, you can’t really make out the rockets. From a distance, the shirt appears like a regular shirt with a subtle print. French Connection Spring Summer Collection

French Connection Spring Summer Collection

Another space-inspired piece from this collection is this black and white printed tee, which looks somewhat like an interpretation of the starry sky or the milky way. I chose to go print-on-print with this look and offset the tee with a more subtle floral printed shirt. The look didn’t quite go down with me at first but it started to grow on me in a while. French Connection Spring Summer Collection

While on the subject of space adventures, you have got to check out this tee with, yes once again, a space-inspired print. I coupled this tee with a snug pair of French Connection cotton pants in maroon. This is a perfect chic city boy look. photo 5

photo 4

And on a completely unrelated note, I just cannot resist a grey jersey tee, it doesn’t matter if I am blogging about a completely different trend. I can’t have enough grey tee-shirts in my wardrobe. Just for good measure, I slipped into this super comfy and trusty grey tee with a dash of colour on the front. Perfectly paired with dark denims…Actually, such a tee is perfectly paired with ANYTHING. photo 2

\photo 1

That’s it for my experiments with style today. If you’ve been sporting a fun bunch of prints, be sure to share your pictures with us. Till then, stay stylish, stay groomed! 


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