Overnight Bags For Men: Style Essentials This Fall

My collection of overnight bags for men has been one of my style staples ever since I was in flight school. I would fly quick trips to build flight time as well as join my friends who were also building experience. I quickly learned what worked well and the difference between luxury and necessity. But, you don’t need to be flying every week like I was to be ready for those quick weekend trips or overnight work meetings.

A basic list of go to essentials works just fine. Here is my basic list just for our readers on UrbanEye

I recommend starting with the right bag. You’re better than a backpack or gym bag, so DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!

Overnight Bags For Men
My Classic Flight Bag was designed exactly for this type of overnight trip. It’s spacious enough to add a laptop or even another days worth of clothing for an extended stay.

Next is my go to shirt, the classic cotton oxford which is light enough to breath, yet heavy enough to be warn on a cool fall evening. It’s also one of the most versatile dress shirts.

Overnight Bags For Men
The inevitable wrinkles show that you’ve been somewhere or done something. Never underestimate the wrinkle!

Throw a tweed or cotton blazer on and your look is classy enough to go out on the town. Roll the sleeves up and wear it un-tucked for a casual night with friends.

Jeans have always been my go-to pant. A straight leg fit and dark wash is just as versatile as that cotton oxford shirt.

GAP in fact is my inexpensive choice for both jeans and oxfords. They’re structured well, last a long time, and are worth their weight in gold.

Overnight Bags For Men
Being well-dressed while you’re working your ass off is something to be proud of and gets you noticed!


Personally, I always throw a tie in my bag. I’ve learned to pack light so I know a tie won’t break my back. Plus, throwing a tie on for an evening out takes little effort and, of course …women appreciate the effort! Check out Jack Spade for your next tie binge.

Overnight Bags For Men
Knit ties add an element of geek-chic to your wardrobe, but the texture stands out as a fashion forward statement.


At the moment, I’m absolutely in love with a small online retailer called Bellroy. Their impeccable wallets are well made and thinner than any wallet I’ve ever owned. That’s their whole influence really. Thin is in! I make it a point to streamline my wallet every month or two. That’s why I went with their slimmest product, the Card Sleeve.

Overnight Bags For Men
My butt loves me right now for making this little purchase.

Another small detail I try to consistently add to my wardrobe is a simple watch.I’m not a fan of chronograph style timepieces. The busy watch face is distracting and although I am a pilot, I can’t say I’d ever use the fuel, time and distance calculator. iPhone Apps work just fine. Check out Etsy for some standard and inexpensive wrist accessories.Overnight Bags For Men


Last, but certainly not least is some kind of reading material. Yes, I know that my smart phone or tablet has books available on it, but the tactile experience of flipping through ha good book is something I value dearly. Gary Vaynerchuk, author of The Thank You Economy is one of my favorite authors.

Overnight Bags For Men
The author’s no BS business style is admirable and it bleeds into his writing style.

That’s a brief list of my Fall overnight bag essentials. I would love to learn what’s in yours. Tweet me @PilotsFlightBag Or check my site out at www.classicflightbag.com .

Overnight Bags For Men

Pilot, Paul Lemley guests blogs for UrbanEye.in all the way from the United States where, when he’s not passionately flying planes or furiously following men’s fashion trends, he runs Classic Flight Bag, a company that designs, well, classic flight bags… an uber-practical, sophisticated leather bag for a man who needs to pack in all his travel essentials and keep the style quotient high. Paul takes his fashion seriously and shares his love for good style with our readers.


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