Pentagram: What They Know (India Design Forum 2013 Day One)

Pentagram is the world’s largest independent design consultancy based in London. The firm is owned and run by 19 partners, a group of friends who are all leaders in their individual creative fields. What is notable about Pentagram is that each of their clients works directly with one or more of their partners. This isn’t something that you see in large firms such as theirs. This attention to detail and personal commitment is just what made Pentagram’s presentation one of the most interesting ones IDF day one.

William Russell, a Royal College of Art graduate joined Pentagram in 2005 as a partner. He has worked closely with Alexander McQueen, H&M, The London Jewellery Centre and the Tate Gallery. Russell uses a lot of natural materials in his work such as bare concrete and timber veneers and loves the use of light in a space.

Pentagram Pic 01

Dominic Lippa studied at the London College of Printing and joined Pentagram as a partner in 2006. He brings to Pentagram a vast knowledge and passion for typography. He was also the Chairman of the Typographic Circle for two years which is an organisation dedicated to raising interest and standards in typography.

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Designing at Pentagram is direct, stylish and decidedly modern. Here are their mantras for design:

1. Work with people that who are better than you.

Example: Alexander McQueen, Flagship Store

Pentagram Pic 03

2. Keep things simple.

Example: Matter, London

Pentagram Pic 04

3. Never stop experimenting.

Example: ual:

Pentagram Pic 05 4. Don’t be afraid of having little time or small budgets.

Example: Tate Modern

Pentagram Pic 06

5. Work with people you like:

Example: London Design Festival, 2012

Pentagram Pic 07

For more of their truly brilliant work, visit

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