Platinum Jewellery For Men: Casualwear Pairings

As part of our ongoing series on men’s jewellery, we look at platinum jewellery for men and how it has emerged as a significant fashion trend this year. If you haven’t checked out our previous post http://www.urbaneye.inurbanstyle/platinum-the-indian-male-and-jewellery-trends talking about this trend, read it here.

Today, I’d like to highlight how I have incorporated platinum jewellery into my wardrobe. But before that, let me give you a bit of a backgrounder — I have never been much of a jewellery person as my style statement have always been rather basic and understated, with one or a maximum or two signature touches to the look. I recently started wearing a basic platinum chain around my neck and I found that it added an interesting twist to my basics — just a wee bit of shine around my neck, to highlight my basic tees and shirts. After all, that is what platinum jewellery for men is all about — being subtle and understated.

Here is a look at how I have been sporting platinum with my casual attire.

Let’s start with the chains.
I find that they go best with my black, white and blue basic tees.




If I’m feeling a bit cheeky, I let my neckpiece hang out of my tee. Note: this show of jewellery is to be exercised with great restraint and usually works best with, as you would expect, a basic tee.


I absolutely love my collection of plain white tees. My platinum pieces seem to work so effortlessly together. Have a look…





These platinum neckpieces are the mere tip of the iceberg. The possibilities are endless. Watch this space to see my interpretation of the platinum jewellery trend. Next stop — bracelet and rings…


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