Platinum Jewellery for Men: Rings and Bracelets

Following close in the heels of our previous post on pairing casualwear and platinum neckpieces,  http://www.urbaneye.inurbanstyle/platinum-jewellery-for-men-casualwear-pairings, I’d like to talk about another aspect of platinum jewellery for men — bracelets and rings.

The days of chunky, highly noticeable bracelets are long gone, and flashing such pieces of jewellery is certainly frowned upon by us. That being said, I do love to wear a ring every now and then. My box of accessories does have a pretty impressive collection of rings in all shapes and sizes. Silver, gold, metal, leather, enamel, horn — the works.

The most important thing to remember about wearing a metal ring is that it should match the metal of your watch. You would never, for instance, wear a rose gold watch with a platinum or a silver ring. If your ring and watch do not match, do not fret — there’s always the other hand.

On a daily basis, I like my rings to stand out on my hand as a style statement. Especially when I am at work, I find that a smart ring does draw attention to your hands — especially when you are working on a laptop. (Here’s a little secret – I love wearing platinum rings when I am working on my Apple Macbook, I find that they go so well together, and platinum seldom rusts or tarnishes).





Moving on to bracelets now. There are some rare occasions when I do choose to sport a bracelet AND a ring together. Needless to say, both of them HAVE to be of the same metal — which means, I would never sport a gold ring with a platinum bracelet. That’s a BIG grooming faux pas. Another thing to remember is that your bracelet needs to be of the right size. It needs to sit loosely around your wrist and not go fall below your wrist joint and reach your palms.



IMG_8331 IMG_8356

However, on most occasions, I prefer to wear my bracelets without anything else. That way, the bracelet has a chance to stand out by itself.

Take this photo, for instance, when I was travelling to Budapest, Hungary, recently. I loved how my naturally white, platinum bracelet acted as a trendy travel accessory with my ensemble.









Stay tuned for our next platinum jewellery showcase, where we shall be getting some insights from industry experts. Here on, we bring you the trendiest and most upscale interpretations of men’s fashion so watch this space.


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