Pocket Tees Are Today’s Must-Have

First came the basic crew neck and then man realised he needed a pocket to stash his knick knacks and thus was born the pocket tees. As versatile as it’s elder cousin, the pocket tees today are a must have in a stylish man’s wardrobe.

Pocket tees push the envelope a little bit more. Even that uptight “I don’t wear T-Shirt” kind of a guy is soft towards the pocket tee. Wear it on a casual night to the club or with a nice jacket for brunch, it goes well either way.

The range these days are wide and each brand has its own spin on it. From printed pockets, contrast colors, Aztecs to even using different fabric to highlight the pocket. It’s hard to go wrong here but we thought we might as well help you select the gold from the lot.

If you want to keep it minimal then nothing like the classic solid colored tees with pockets. Get them in earthy hues, team it up with a jacket and you are good to go on the red carpet. Zac Efron and Ryan Gosling are often spotted comforting out in them.

Brown Boy - Brown Boys - Organic - Tees - Google - TGIF4
We like the Pocket Tee range from Brown Boy. Handcrafted from Organic Cotton, these come in elegant colors and are absolutely indulgent. Starting INR 890

For a little more experimental you this one from Zara should do the trick.Brown Boy Tee Google

But if you are in the mood to seriously pamper yourself then this one from Ron Herman will set you back a cool INR 16000. It’s got a cool nautical vibe to it and will be just perfect for Fleet Week.Unknown-4


And for those with less here is one from J.Crew. It’s a very thin line or should I say pocket from turning your look into a disaster.

Oddly placed pockets or absolutely unbearable color combinations can make a T-Shirt look cold.

So choose wisely cause in today’s world “Clothes Maketh A Man”

Brown Boy Pocket Tee Google

Blogged by Prateek Kayan, founder of Brown Boy, a quirky new menswear label of organic tees and accessories, touted by GQ India as ‘a brand to watch out for’ Stay tuned to Urban Eye for more men’s style inputs from Prateek



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