Polos + Prints = SUPER CHIC

The equation couldn’t get any simpler. We present the hottest trend that’s taking over menswear across the globe – the printed polo.

It is no secret that we boys love our solid-coloured polos way too much to be phasing them out of our wardrobes. After all, could there be anything better – or easier – to wear than the classic polo? We love the polo because it stands on a firm middle ground between the formal stuffiness of a shirt and the overt casualness of a tee. While the classic, solid polo may be an absolute wardrobe must-have, I think that it’s high time we reinvented it and brought it up to speed with the 21st century. That’s where the printed polos come in, because, the best way to describe them would be ‘truly contemporary’.

Paisley, flowers, fruits and leaves are the most common prints used on printed polos. What I love most about printed polos, these days, is the fact that these prints, which were once considered ‘too feminine’ for menswear, are now all the rage and have taken on a strong masculine identity.

Take my paisley print navy polo, for instance. I love the dash of colour that this otherwise plain polo has, thanks to its bright red paisleys. I replicated the colour on the bottom by sporting a pair of red shorts. Red and navy – you just can’t go wrong!
Love the colour contrast of this printed polo
Love the colour contrast of this printed polo.
The overall look, with shorts, is easy and super stylish.
Stop wearing your polos in the same boring way. Button it up all the way to the top, like I’ve done with my polo here and you’ll walk away with an instant hipster-chic vibe.
The leaf prints on my polo pair perfectly with my beige shorts. Since the polo is already printed, I don’t recommend any accessories, but you could throw on a hat for good measure.
A bright red polo always makes a statement, and more so when it’s printed!
Make a statement with this bright orange-red polo, once again with a paisley print, and tone down the overall look with a relatively sober bottom, like these shorts.
Absolutely loving this look I’m sporting with this red printed polo.

While hipsters wear their printed polos buttoned all the way to the top, the free-spirited beach boys keep their buttons open and maybe even raise up their collars for fun and the city boys wear their printed polos with a pair of jeans and throw on a blazer for good measure. One thing’s for sure…the options are endless!

Clothes by Celio India. Check out the trends and shop the look on Snapdeal.com

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