Pre-Winter Pick: The Signature Blazer

Summing up two and a half centuries of men’s formalwear in a blazer is no easy task. Today, a blazer is required to fit perfectly into the wardrobe of a modern man, with effortless ease and yet uphold an age-old tradition of menswear. What I love most about a blazer is the fact that it so conveniently creates a cross between formalwear and casual wear. Today, it has established itself as the ultimate men’s semi-formal or smart-casual garment.



Going back nearly three centuries when the classic men’s formal suit made its debut, the blazer came in just a couple of years later, originating, as you would expect, from the classic suit. The idea came to life when Cambridge University’s boat rowing team decided to have a special coat that was like the classic formal coat but with a much sportier feel to it. It didn’t quite seem like a formal coat nor a casual jacket, hence the term ‘Blazer’ kicked in.



Blazers are meant for places where an all-out formal look might not be required, but where an altogether casual look might be frowned upon. Though your normal blazer shows off quite a relaxed fit, it still cuts sharp on the shoulder and can hug close to your frame. When it comes to colours and textures for blazers, the list is endless!

In these pictures, I’ve chosen a simple grey blazer, with a minute texture, and it pairs perfectly with the light cotton henley that I am wearing inside.

My personal favourite colour picks for blazers would be grey, navy and beige, and for textures, checks and micro-houndstooth I think, are just swell.

Have you picked out your signature blazer for the season? Maybe you want to experiment and get an unusual one to make a stronger style statement? Or perhaps, you want to keep it simple like my signature grey blazer?

Watch this space for more style updates.

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Photo Credit – Daniel Bitton, Paris


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