Rocking Benetton’s Houndstooth Story

“Why is Houndstooth called Houndstooth?”

I am sure this is a question all of us have asked, at some point. The very mention of the word houndstooth is enough to conjure up images of stylish men, exuding elegance and grace, even giving out an unmistakable British allure.

Arguably one of the biggest talking points of the season, especially in the menswear space, houndstooth is being slashed across shirts, tees, trousers, jackets and even accessories. To define it in a nutshell, houndstooth is a four-pointed abstract shaped textile pattern, it could even be summarised as broken checks.

United Colors of Benetton has used houndstooth as a strong theme in their collection. We take some key houndstooth pieces and examine the trend in greater detail.




The ‘Houndstooth’ made it to the big street when De Pinna, a New York City based men’s and women’s high end clothier featured houndstooth check alongside other exquisite checked textiles for their men’s suits collection in 1933 and then Alexander McQueen’s ‘Horn of Plenty’ Fall collection of 2009. Before this it was just a textile design, which came from Scotland that was woven with woolen cloth, a practice dating back to medieval times. This century-old design has turned out to be one the most intriguing and fascinating trends of 2015 and will continue in 2016 and I believe this vintage motif has what it takes to be timeless.




I love houndstooth because it can so conveniently be applied anywhere. When styled correctly, you can easily create a look that’s traditional or mainstream formal. I really love the faded blue houndstooth polo, which you see in these pictures. The blue and orange woven shirt also was an interesting case, I’ve simply clubbed it with a light blue bandi jacket, which gave it an amazing contrast between the two colours and also added a nice Indian twist in there. Houndstooth being a part of Benetton’s AW15 Collection they have let houndstooth do it’s magic on everything. You see the Grey Bomber Jacket there? Slipped in a black tee and some joggers and…a casual and comfy look that’s absolutely perfect for a winter day.




Written by – Mikhail Gomes

Photography by – Vishal Jolapara


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