Seafood Paradise Singapore

Seafood Paradise Singapore: Culinary Tales

Whenever I visit the city of satay and black pepper crab, I make it a point to visit Seafood Paradise Singapore, one of my favourite Chinese seafood restaurants. It has branches across the city but, this time, as I was pottering around, spending the day at Singapore Changi Airport’s Terminal 2, I chanced upon its airport outpost. I couldn’t have been happier. And what’s more, it’s in the departure/public area so anyone can just walk in, even if you’re not booked on a flight that day. I love the idea of having a good-quality restaurant at public spaces in an airport. It’s great if you want to factor in a hearty meal before boarding a long-haul flight, where you can sleep through the inflight meal service.

To use the word feast would be underplaying the experience I had at Seafood Paradise Singapore. Copious quantities, fantastic seafood, quality ingredients and, most important, striking flavours, which Singaporean food has come to be known for.

Here’s a look at what I ate at Seafood Paradise. Let the word seafood not mislead you, I did slip in a bit of chicken and duck to break the monotony.

While everything that came to my table was consistently good, the crowning glory was the starter, which came in the form of tempura-wasabi prawns. Crispy fried jumbo prawns slathered with a creamy and piquant wasabi mayonnaise, topped with salmon roe (for that unmistakable pop sensation).

Seafood Paradise Singapore
Prawn tempura with wasabi mayonnaise and salmon roe


Next I tried the roast duck slices with mango. I am not one to order duck off the menu but I did warm up to this dish. I loved how the fruity mango offset the meaty taste of the duck.


Seafood Paradise Singapore
Duck and mango slices

Chicken in black bean sauce was quite different from what I have tasted elsewhere. The sauce was subtle and the black beans were barely visible. The flavour did come out strongly, it must be said.

Seafood Paradise Singapore
Chicken in black bean sauce


I couldn’t get enough of the sweet and sour fish. The grouper was perfectly coated with that unmistakable honey batter and just one bite had me raving endlessly.

Seafood Paradise Singapore
Sweet and sour grouper


Now I did want to try one of Singapore’s most iconic dishes – the chilli crab – but the context was just not right to get my hands all messy with crab and gnaw at fleshy claws for an hour. Which is why, my Singaporean host told me not to lose hope, that I could still sample the famous chilli crab gravy – minus the crab. The cotton soft tofu swimming in the famous red chilli and egg gravy was an absolute success.

Seafood Paradise Singapore
Tofu in Chilli Crab Sauce

The ambience is relaxed and the service is fairly friendly and efficient.

 The next time you’re at Singapore Changi Airport, check-in early and head to Seafood Paradise. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!







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