Seasonal Essentials : The Jumper

Could there be anything more comfortable than your favourite jumper? I don’t think so. A simple woollen or cotton long-sleeved, buttonless jumper can make quite a fashion statement when paired with panache. Alternately, I love the zip-up versions too as they are so versatile and can be paired with almost anything. Also, a cool zip-up jumper is the perfect travel attire. This trend is one of the most significant trends every year during the fall-winter months.

The Jumper qualifies as one of my ‘seasonal essentials’, which means that you absolutely MUST own at least one of this in your wardrobe. So here’s are two seasonal jumpers that I picked from Celio India’s current collection.

My favourite way to wear a jumper is over beige chinos or trousers. It strikes a middle ground between casual and formal. I might add a touch of semi-formal into this by wearing casual brown or black sneakers or loafers.

If you’re looking for a more causal look, club the jumper with a pair of slim-fit jeans, preferably black, grey or blue. In addition, a pair of funky slip-ons would be perfect to complete the look.


Here, I wore a preppy jumper with stripes of navy, steel blue and solid red that really stands out. I keep it simple at the bottom with a pair of my favourite dark blue jeans.





For my second look, I choose this snazzy zip-up jumper with an indigo finish. Blue always does the trick, in my opinion, and when it comes with an accent or an effect, even better. This jumper worn on beige trousers with brown shoes is a look that goes completely against the cliché and is something I’d love wearing on a daily basis this fall.


65Conclusion: Once you get attached to a jumper, you literally want to pair it with almost anything. Trousers, jeans, short and, as I have often done, even with a formal shirt. (I’ve often been pulled up for wearing my casual jumper over a dress shirt, but I think it’s pretty cool).

Stay tuned for more trends from our series on Effortless Style, on the streets of Paris.

Till next time

Riaan George


Photo Credit – Daniel Bitton, Paris


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