Why Your Shirt Collar is Important…

Shirt: Sisley

While women have always been spoilt for choice in terms of fashionable options, menswear hasn’t always been the most experimental zone to say the least. Women may have the luxury of choosing from dresses, jeans, gowns, skirts and what not, men have to, in most cases, limit themselves to denims and trousers. But things are changing now and designers and brands are finally warming up to the idea of giving men something to play around with too. And one of the most exciting of these changes has been the evolution of shirts- from staid and regular, they are now wonderfully funky while still retaining an inherent polish and sophistication.

The new-age shirt is fashionable, contemporary and suitable for those younger men as well who find the idea of wearing shirts a little too old for their age. How fabulous is that, isn’t it?Probably the brightest change in the way shirts are now being designed, apart from prints, has been standout shirt collar detailing. Having the shirt collar in a shade different from the shirt or having a design that stands out really makes the shirt speak its own style language. You can even have this detailing scroll down along the buttons and onto the seams. It breaks monotony and lets the shirt speak its own style language. What’s amazing is this trend works for both formal as well as casual wear- especially casual ones where you no longer have to opt for shirts in shiny material to appear ‘stylish’ and thank god for that! This trend is particularly good for upcoming spring where most of us wear a light jacket over our shirts and an interesting collar peeping out is always a great idea!

What do you think of the black collar on this shirt, which lines down the buttons and the cuff.
What do you think of the black collar on this Sisley shirt, which lines down the buttons and the cuff.

Collar detailing has been a European trend for a long time now. Men there look impeccable wearing a crisp shirt with well-fit jeans, chinos or trousers. The trend has finally come to India in full flow and it’s heartening to see younger men, especially young working professionals going for it in full gusto. Just like slim-fit shirts that have been quite a rage, collar detailing too is fast catching up. And unlike the former, this trend works effectively for all body types and ages too.

Shirt: Sisley

A wonderful way to jazz up your work wardrobe and chic enough to make shirts the new casual wear, collar detailing is a great way to experiment and yet remain classic. If you haven’t already got one such shirt yet, boys, what are you waiting for?


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