Shirt + Jacket = The Shacket (The New Summer Jacket)

If you haven’t already read my collection review of SVA by Sonam and Paras Modi’s breathtaking Ottoman-inspired collection Istanblu, you can read it here –¬†http://www.urbaneye.inurbanstyle/couture-adventures-in-istanblu-sva-by-sonam-and-paras-modi

As I mentioned in my earlier blogpost, the designer duo showcased a new signature creation: The Shacket. As you would expect, the shacket is a fashionable portmanteau for shirt and jacket. I had the honour of sporting a SVA jacket to the show. And I did indeed receive many compliments.

The shacket is, in my opinion, the perfect summer jacket as it is an innovative cross between a formal shirt and a light jacket, thereby blurring the lines about where you can wear it. Ultra lightweight and thin, my dark blue shacket had the makings of a modern bandhgala jacket, a button-down shirt (except, the buttons are replaced by a zip-down front) and, if you look close enough, you might just see a reference to an urban bomber jacket.

Here’s how I decided to sport my shacket.

The event I was attending was at noon so I wanted to keep it dressed down and summery. So I wore it over a pair of white cotton pants. Under my shacket, I wore a very simple black, cotton teeshirt. The combination of black, white and blue is timeless and uber-chic. I just wanted to keep it simple.
Don’t forget to notice the gorgeous embroidered broach-like embellishment at the collar to add that subtle Indian touch.

I wore simple plum leather lace-ups to finish the look.


These days, when the line between formalwear and casualwear is becoming increasingly blurred, such hybrid pieces come as a welcome change, offering you countless ways of pairing and experimenting. So what do you think of my shacket?



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