Singapore Airlines New Suite: All You Need To Know

In the aviation and travel world, all eyes were on Singapore this morning as national carrier Singapore Airlines unveiled its brand new Suites on its Airbus 380 aircraft. Over a decade ago, when Singapore Airlines launched its “Suites” on the A380 aircraft, the product was already much ahead of its time, and created an uber luxe niche, way above the conventional Suites Class cabin.
Exactly ten years after Singapore Airlines created its revolutionary “Suites” product on the A380 aircraft, thereby carving an uber-luxe niche above regular Suites Class, the airline revamped its product entirely, following a product-revamp investment of USD 850 million.

After much speculation on what the new product would be like, and how different it would be from the already luxurious existing Suites, the new Suites were finally revealed.

– The first, and most noticeable change is the fact that this cabin has gone from two aisles to ONE single aisle, with three suites on each side.

  • In terms of location, the current Suites cabin is located on the lower deck. The new Suites cabin will be found on the upper deck, right in front of Business Class, keeping the upper deck entirely reserved for “premium” classes.


  • The older Suites cabin featured 12 suites, while the new one features no more than 6 suites, which obviously means — larger Suites.
  • The new Suites features two separate areas — a plush leather chair, which swivels around, and a deployable bed right next to it. This is as opposed to the current Suite, wherein the seat is itself deployed into a flat bed mode.


  • The plush armchair is operated with an electronic control, for various sitting and lounging positions. The chair can accommodate a 45-degree recline, while it can swivel up to 270 degrees
  • Some of the other perks of this sky Suite is the massive 32-inch full HD monitor. The monitor is placed in such a way that it can be viewed from both the chair and the bed. There is also a full-sized wardrobe in the door frame, in addition to a spacious stowage compartment for handbags, as well as leather-lined amenity box.
  • The interiors of the Suite feature Singapore Airlines’ understated, subtle aesthetic — almost missable motifs from the sarong-kebaya discretely recreated on the wall, mood lighting, muted colours and a plush carpet. It almost gives you the feeling of an elegant private jet, except that this Suite is on board a massive commercial airliner.
  • Now for the most important part, the standalone bed measuring 27 inches by 76 inches. But wait, you haven’t seen the best part yet. The beds in the first two Suites can be converted into a double bed by lowering the partition. So if two people are travelling together, they literally can create a room for themselves, with two chairs, and a double bed in the middle. This is, in my opinion, the piece de resistance of the new Suites.


  • Not only has Singapore Airlines pegged its Suites product in the uber-luxe niche, but it has also partnered with a number of International luxury brands to enhance the experience. The seat, for instance, is upholstered in Poltrona Frau fine leather. Lalique has partnered.with the airline for amenities (separate kits for men and women as well as a unisex version. The full-sized perfume bottles in the kits are a nice “luxurious” touch, as opposed to the tiny sample-style bottles found in many other amenity kits. Lalique has also designed the soft bed linen and pillows for the Suite, best experienced after the turndown service has been offered.


I love Singapore Airlines’ approach to luxury and aesthetics, especially in terms of their cabin design. The airline always adopts a design language of understated elegance. The clean, minimalist design of the current A380 Business cabin is a case in point. In that very same vein, the new Suites features no over-the-top, garish expressions of luxury, almost no gold and silver perhaps appealing to a more discerning sensibility. No surprise, then, that Paris-based firm Pierrejean Design Studio is behind the exquisite of the Suites.


The Singapore Airlines new Suites will make its debut on the Singapore-Sydney route, December 18, 2017. Five new A380s will be fitted with this new product, with the rest of the fleet being progressively retrofitted over the next few years.


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