Men's Street Style

Singapore Men’s Street Style Spotting: Quanda Ong

Through my travels around the world, one of my favourite ways to spend time is to notice stylish and well-put-together people strolling down the streets of a city. In my opinion, the streets of a city are a great way to gauge current trends and the prevailing aesthetics.
I’ve been in Singapore for the past few days and I’ve had the chance to encounter a bunch of interesting and highly fashionable people. Today, my men’s street style spotting radar was in full power. And into my radad walked Mr. Quanda Ong, whom I instantly spotted form the crowd thanks to his snazzy ensemble, waistcoat et al. I also couldn’t help but notice his wingtip shoes with a lovely fluo detail.

Men's Street Style
It wasn’t hard to spot the stylish Quanda (left) in the crowd.
Men's Street Style
Accessorised with an urban satchel and fluo highlighted brogued wingtips.

So we decided to go up to Quanda and talk to him, to get to know his personal style. Here’s what we discovered.

1. Name – Quanda Ong
2. Age – 28
3. Where are you from – Singapore
4. Profession – Founder and Designer, Gnome & Bow
5. Tell us about your personal style
I’m fascinated with things which have a story to tell, something that has that extra spark, details which others may not notice, working together in symphony. Therefore, I feel this translates into my style as well – a dose of timeless dapperness, peppered with accents of the quirky.
Men's Street Style
Layers, textures and accessories
6. Tell us more about this look you are wearing and why you chose it? (explain where each garment is from/brand etc)
This look was specially crafted for today’s meet & greet event and tonight’s salsa dance party. I wanted something I could move freely in and at the same time look pulled together for the meet & greet. The upper half speaks of dapperness, created by layers of textures and accessories, while the lower half is focused on fit and laying the canvas to bring attention upwards, towards my upper body and face. I chose these wingtips for their comfort and yet uncompromising style, perfect for today’s series of activities. The T-rex pin provides the finishing touch and has proved to be a hit with the ladies.
Men's Street Style
Checkered dark blue slim fit shirt: N.Tyler
Grey Prince of Wales vest: Ted Baker
Dandy T-rex pin: Multi Label Boutique
Tie: Butler & Webb
Chestnut full grain leather bracelet: Gnome & Bow
Camel canvas and leather folio: Gnome & Bow
Men's Street Style

Grey suede wingtips: Timberland
Dark indigo slim fit jeans: Uniqlo
7. A word of advice to all the gentlemen out there – What are the three indispensable pieces in every man’s wardrobe, according to you?
Navy suit – dresses up virtually any outfit
Fitted crisp white shirt – understand elegance at its simpliest
Wingtips in tan – makes every else you wear look like a millionaire dollars
8. What is the trendiest accessory for men, this season, according to you?
I’d say the trendiest accessories have to be bracelets. Worn in complement to your watch, or to dress up your wrist, they not only look good alone but also stacked. They peek out tastefully from your shirt or suit sleeve and speaks of one’s attention to detail and personal style.
Secondly, I think that folios and clutches are also the perfect accessory to add panache to your outfit. Holding something in your hand gives a sense of goundedness as it completes your look as an accent of colour or texture.

Dapper dandy indeed!
Dapper dandy indeed!


Stay tuned to Urban Eye for more men’s street style spotting and insider’s tips for your wardrobe.


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