Six Indian Bespoke Tailors We Love

If you’ve been following our social feeds in recent times, you might have already concluded that we at UrbanEye are huge supporters of homegrown luxury. While we do love our Italian and English bespoke suit labels, we’ve got a soft corner for our very own desi tailors too, especially the stylish ones who create the best bespoke suits in the country. During our regular interactions with each of these bespoke tailors, we have grown to love them for the clothes they create as well as for the people they are. At the end of the day, a man’s tailor is not only about clothes but also about a cherished relationship. Here, is our list of six of our favourite Indian bespoke tailors and just why you should be making your suits at their ateliers. These tailors bring perfection and outstanding craftsmanship to the table and therefore make it to our list.


Osman Abdul Razak

Osman Abdul Razak, thanks to his striking good looks, could well be the model for the clothes that he creates. The Chennai based, Saville Row certified, bespoke tailor opened his studio in 2007 and it was not long after that South India’s most influential men came knocking on his door. One of the reasons that he’s one of our top favourites is not only because he’s a fabulous tailor, but also because personalisation is very important for him. He even has a Travel Tailor Service, where he goes to different places and curates wardrobes. Impeccable,right? From Bandhis an Bandhgalas to Tuxedos and accessories, Razak will take care of all your tailoring needs. Did we also mention that he makes the best travel blazers in the market? Crease-free and without a lining, perfect for all you business travellers out there.


SS Homme

Founded by Sandeep and Sarah Gonsalves in 2012, SS Homme has been one of my favourites for a while now and we’ve been following the work of this amazing couple since the birth of their brand. Based in Mumbai, this luxury bespoke label has dressed some of Bollywood’s dapperest gents like Anil Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan, etc. The brand works with top quality English and Italian fabrics, as well as exquisite wool, cotton and an extensive selection of prints and textures. SS Homme has three sub labels, SS HOMME Bespoke, focusing on sharp silhouettes, SS HOMME Couture, which focuses on hand embroidery and SS HOMME SSentric which of course as the name suggest, experiments with quirky prints. SS HOMME also creates complex silhouette, for example, the tuxedo-sherwani for bridegrooms seeking a change. So if you’re ever looking for a tailor that combines classic designs and traditions with new age innovation, SS HOMME is the place to go.


HP Su Misura

A Mumbai-based designer, Hitesh Pahuja launched his label ‘HP Su Misura’ a year ago, situated in a chic, tiny boutique in Bandra, Mumbai. Prior to starting his own label, he worked with his father at a Boutique in Colaba. He tells us that the philosophy of his label is to provide international quality tailoring and style to the Indian market. His aim is to get the modern Indian man to suit up when he goes to work, as it was back in the day. He specialises in suits, trousers, shirts and classic Bandhgalas. Insider secret, ask him about his tailormade chinos – you wouldn’t want to buy off-the-rack chinos once you try on a pair of his tailormade chinos.


Herringbone & Sui

Founded in 2014 by Kabir Mehra and Samarth Hegde, Herringbone & Sui is a luxury menswear made-in-India brand with a global appeal. Herringbone & Sui, directly sources luxurious fabrics from internationally renowned mills and works with avant-garde Neapolitan master pattern-makers. The brand uses traditional Italian artisanal techniques to create garments that are crafted to perfection. Herringbone & Sui specialises in made-to-measure tuxedos, suits, sport jackets, and Indianwear such as achkans, bandhgalas and Nehru vests. Along with wardrobe staples such as shirts, trousers and accessories, as well as shoes made from suede and leather which can be customised to include monograms and motifs, the label has something for everyone. The brand recently launched their online store and are all set to deliver a sophisticated digital brand experience for global patrons.


Raghavendra Rathore Jodhpur

As a wardrobe essential, every man worth his salt needs to own a bespoke bandhgala by Raghavendra Rathore. Some of you might recognize this name as the one who put the Jodhpur Bandhgala Jacket on the global fashion map. Others, may know his due to his royal lineage that dates back 1200 years. Raghavendra Rathore was born and brought up in Jodhpur, and his brand has a long-standing history. His aim is to carry on the traditions of the aristocratic tailor services,  giving customers a personalised experience and first hand knowledge of the precision and care that goes into making a Raghavendra Rathore product. The intent of the brand is to work with classic timeless fits and structuring that add authenticity and add relevance to every ensemble.


Bellani S

Founded by Sunil Bellani is 2012, Bellani S has become a popular favourite among Mumbai’s high profile corporates, lawyers,etc. Since 2014, Bellani S has been run by Mohit Bellani, who happens to be a certified Savile Row Pattern Maker. Bellani S sources their high quality fabrics from the finest mills across Europe. MY favourite feature of their work? Attention to detail.


Written By Kristianne Mascarenhas


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