Something Rouge’s “Eye” on Trends The Dapper Fellas – Part 3 THE FINAL INSTALLMENT

I didn’t intend to wait this long, for the last installment of the highlight of my photo series ‘The Dapper Fellas’. But, finally I can. And if you haven’t already  guessed who it be. Its our very own Urban Eye!

Mr. Riaan George! A few days after the 2nd installment came out, poor Riaan got very very sick and I didn’t have the heart to publish the story when he was too exhausted to even see it! Finally our beloved Riaan is up and about, but still very much inside the perimeters of his home 🙂

Lets get started.

I owe whatever little recognition I have received from Something Rouge, ENTIRELY to Riaan. He was the one who saw my love for fashion and asked me to start writing for his

I cannot thank him enough. Riaan has always been very blatantly honest about his views on how one is dressed. So much as a chip of a nail paint and be sure that  he will point that out.

When it comes to him, he never goes very bold in his style choices and prefers to keep it subtle and minimal, very much like how he is as a person. And doesn’t it suit him wonderfully. Being a Bandra boy we thought it fit and most appropriate to shoot him in the place where he is most comfortable – Bandra.


Look 1a

We shot this look in one of the by lanes of Mount Mary, and look at how the wardrobe blends in with the surroundings.

Shirt: Uniqlo

Shoes: Pedro

Jeans : Levi’s

Bag : Longchamp

Watch : Guess

Look 1b



This is a look Riaan would probably wear to a casual Friday dinner with friends.

look 2a


look 2b

When I saw the shoes I almost flipped!

Tee-shirt: Gap

Trousers: Zara

Shoes : Groupon



This is a more dressed up say, for like a Saturday Night?

look 3a

look 3b

Jacket : Tailored

Shirt : Ralph Lauren Polo

Pants : Zara

Socks & Shoes : Pedro


A little tête-à-tête with Riaan –

Me  :The fashion must haves in your wardrobe? 

Riaan : Dark denims, simple polo tee, great shoes always. 

MeOne skin routine you swear by? 

Riaan : I don’t do much to my skin. I just drink lots of water and I swear by Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Moisturizer for men. 

Me :One fashion faux pas according to you?

Riaan :  White socks

Me : Your most prized possession in your wardrobe? 

Riaan : My current obsession- my suede desert boots


Riaan George, 30yrs old, is Managing Editor for an upcoming magazine EAT.STAY.LOVE,  a Luxury Journalist, a Grooming Guru and runs his extremely popular blog



And with this ends our series of Dapper Fellas!

But dont worry, Something Rouge has lots of exciting shoots planned for Urban Eye readers!

Until Next Time!



SomethingRouge :

Tanushree Rao – ‘a non skinny fashion enthusiast’ is the voice behind SomethingRouge, wherein she gives her opinions on everything on Fashion. Ever since her childhood, Tanushree loved clothes and bags and everything pretty. Greatly inspired by her mom’s love for colours, Tanushree never hesitated in trying new things – be it styles or colours (like wearing red pants to college back in 2005 – when it was not even a trend, and fast forward to 2012 coloured denims are de rigeur) A big fan of Satya Oblet who she saw in a Kenzo ad when she was all of 9yrs (who she is friends with now) and recently Nick Wooster (ex -Men’s Fashion Director for Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman). Tanushree believes that Style is your nature, it extends beyond clothes and make-up and accessories. You will see style in the way a person lives their life – in their home, they way they work, they way they talk – its a lifestyle.

SomethingRouge’s EYE on Trends : SomethingRouge’s EYE on Trends will bring to your computer screen, everything and anything on Trends. Stay posted for Trend forecasts, make-up and hair trends, mini-trends – the works! Also a little peep into my wardrobe time to time.

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