Spring Wardrobe Essential: Quilted Sleeveless Gilet

In case some of you were wondering what a ‘ sleeveless gilet’ was… well, to put it simply, it is a cross between a vest and a jacket, designed to be extremely light but to keep you warm. It is, of course, sleeveless, and in most cases, quilted, just like the ones I am wearing in the photographs below.
From a style point of view, I am sure you guys have been enjoying the winter months because it allows you to bring out your coats and cardigans. Layering up has never been more fun. But now that springtime is around the corner, those heavy jackets go back into storage and that’s when I bring out my sleeveless gilet. In my opinion, this is a post-winter MUST-HAVE, in every man’s wardrobe.
It’s super easy to throw on, goes with just about anything and looks absolutely awesome over jeans.
I got myself two sleeveless gilet pieces from French Connection, one in navy blue (as you know, I can never have enough navy blue in my wardrobe), and another in an easy-to-pair beige.
Here are a few ideas on how you can throw on a sleeveless gilet and make it look absolutely effortless.

The easiest way is as below – with a checked shirt. The contrast between the gilet’s quilted, single colour appearance and the colours of a checked shirt make for an interesting effect. PLEASE NOTE: when you throw on a sleeveless gilet, you MUST roll your sleeves up. Full sleeves with a gilet look really odd.
This look is comprised of a sleeveless gilet by French Connection and a flannel shirt also by French Connection.


Another way of wearing your sleeveless gilet is, over your tee-shirt. There’s no real rule here, any tee-shirt works. I wore a very simple nautical stripe navy-white tee by Uniqlo for this look.

Easy and effortless.
You can even dress down the look by replacing your jeans with shorts. A slick, urban look is ready in an instant.

DSC_2009And here’s another example of how I used my beige gilet – with a black grey and navy flannel shirt, by French Connection. The red stripes on the shirt complement the beige of the jacket perfectly.



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