Sri Lanka Style Files: Men in Fluorescent Coloured Shirts

Urban Eye was in Colombo, Sri Lanka, recently, at the uber-chic Sri Lankan fashion store, ODEL, which has already attained cult status as one of the trendiest places to shop in Colombo. I was assigned the task of rummaging through the many, MANY, racks laden with men’s clothes, and pick out the coolest looks and trends for our readers. I was, quite literally, spoilt for choice. I didn’t know where to begin. There were the linens, and the graphic tee-shirts, the jeans, the biker jackets, the checked shirts and the cardigans…This is only the beginning of my list. So here goes. Part 1 of my Sri Lanka Style Files series. And for the first part I’ve chosen a rather unexplored trend in my wardrobe. FLUORESCENT SHIRTS. Guys, don’t get me wrong. I will not be strutting all over my city clad in fluorescent garments, looking like a ’70s Christmas tree. BUT…I do think that sporting a statement shirt in a bright, fluorescent colour, can make quite a statement. I picked out fluo shirts in four colours: yellow, orange, green and blue. These are from the Embark brand, available at ODEL.

(Embark is basically an NGO started by ODEL’s founder Otara Del Gunewardene, and works towards the improvement of stray dogs in Colombo – note the super cute doggie logo on their shirts. So while you are buying fashionable clothes, you are contributing to a good cause.)

Back to business now. As I said, I picked out four shirts and began trying them. I started with this yellow. I am a bit skeptical about wearing such a bright shade of yellow. Which brings me to Rule No 1 of fluo shirts:

fluorescent coloured shirts
Rule No 1: Always wear fluo shirts with white trousers so that they stand out.
fluorescent coloured shirts
I was in luck that day. I had my yellow watch on my wrist. The effect is heightened!

Next came my favourite colour – blue. With a twist, I’d say! I can never have enough blue in my wardrobe. But I rarely find such a shade! So here I am in my new shirt.

fluorescent coloured shirts
Gearing up for the shot

fluorescent coloured shirtsThis brings me to Rule No 2. of fluo shirts –

fluorescent coloured shirts
Rule No 2: Keep your shoes as simple as possible. I chose plain beige canvas sneakers

Next came the bright orange. Oh my god. How COOL it made me feel! An orange shirt on white pants can instantly make you stand out in a crowd.

fluorescent coloured shirts

fluorescent coloured shirts
Rule No 3: Add a pair of funky wayfarers to add just a bit more colour.

And finally, it was time for me to try on the parrot green. Parrot green??!! Really??!! It didn’t turn out so bad after all. AND, it brought me to the most important rule of all…

fluorescent coloured shirts
Rule No 4: Make sure you have loads of anti-sweat deo on if you intend stepping out into the sun… You don’t want to spoil your fluo shirt with unsightly sweat patches.

Someone asked me if they could wear their fluo shirt with a pair of jeans. I say, sure, why not? It isn’t mismatched and it makes you comfortable. BUT, don’t expect the colour to stand out as strongly as it would on white pants.

Stay tuned for more menswear updates from me.

These shirts are available online at ODEL



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