8 Tips on Summer Fashion for Men This Winter

The year-end festivities are finally here and temperatures are dipping, adding a delightful nip in the air everywhere we go. And this gives us reason to bring out our coats, jackets and mufflers, layering up and being oh-so-stylish. But don’t forget, there might be that destination wedding on the beach, or a Christmas celebration on a Pacific Island, or even a New Year’s Eve party in Goa…and for that, you will need to call on your summer attire to make those style statements. Here is not the place for hats and coats…so read on and make sure you get your hands on these essentials of summer fashion for men before you take off on your winter break.

  1. Hoff Shorts – So everyone knows that you’ve got your stock of beige shorts, cargo shorts and white linen shorts, which you will most likely be sporting at all the beach bars this December. Hot shorts are for 16-year-old Californian girls with hourglass figures and no self respecting gent should own a pair. I say ditch the boring beige, cream and white shorts and opt for Hoff shorts. A nice cross between regular shorts and swimming trunks, they are super versatile to be worn anywhere (well, anywhere where shorts are permitted). Mind you, they must end just at the mid-thigh level and NO HIGHER. Why not pick out some trendy, quirky prints, like these Aztec ones I picked up recently? So what are you waiting for? It’s time to show off those toned thighs and calves…Summer Fashion for Men2. Flip Flops – Absolutely indispensable! You will not be walking around your resort, or on the beach for that matter, sporting a dowdy pair of bulky sandals. And I will arrest you if I spotted you wearing those things they call floaters. Come on, it’s time to be proud of your pedicured (hopefully!!) feet and sport a nice bright pair of flip flops. Fluorescent yellow, orange, green (no blacks and browns please) or a nice nautical print like these anchor ones I got recently. Remember, flip flops are NOT a replacement to shoes so just don’t get too comfy in them and show up at an event inappropriately clad in them. Summer Fashion for Men 3. Wayfarers – This has got to be my favourite accessory this season. (Watch out for my exclusive post of wayfarers coming up soon). And no I am not talking about those boring black and brown acetate or plastic wayfarers. I’m talking about bright coloured ones. I have them in a range of colours. I love these dual coloured ones that I am sporting all over the place right now. Summer Fashion for Men4. Grooming Products – As the Grooming Guru, I recommend that you go absolutely nowhere without your grooming staples. So what if it’s winter? This season, you’re likely to step out onto a beach for a party or a beach wedding and you are likely to end up with rough and dry skin. Which is why I always carry my Kiehl’s moisturiser with me. Just a tiny bit of it on your face and you’re good to go. Don’t forget your lipbalm — If I see you with chapped or cracked lips, be sure that I will pull you up for it. And I cannot emphasise enough on the importance of smelling good ALWAYS, carry your favourite cologne with you wherever you go. Here’s mine – Polo Red by Ralph Lauren. Summer Fashion for Men5. A pair of versatile loafers – I’ve heard people say that the future of men’s footwear is in loafers. I agree with that…somewhat. Don’t get me wrong, by this I do not imply that our much-loved lace-ups will be replaced, I’m just saying that the loafer (moccasin, driving shoe, boat shoe, espadrille) is becoming increasingly versatile. If you’ve been lounging around the beach all day in your flip flops, there will come a time when you will need to dress up for dinner. Slip on those loafers and you’ll look dapper enough to impress. Those beige and khaki shorts I told you to ignore for a while? Now’s probably the time to bring them out. They’d look great with loafers. Here’s my most comfy pair of Zara suede loafers. And another ‘wear-everywhere’ espadrilles. Summer Fashion for Men

Summer Fashion for Men6. Basic tees – Do I even need to say why? If you’re going to wear those psychedelic board shorts like a surfer boy (if that’s what makes you happy), or a nice pair of printed, checked or striped hoff shorts/trunk-shorts like you’ve seen above, you need to pair it with a basic tee and ONLY a basic tee. You don’t want to come across as Mr. Colour and Print Overkill. I like the old fashioned crew necks (round necks for the uninitiated) and the new buttoned Henley tees which I’ve seen doing the rounds these days. Summer Fashion for Men

7. A tablet with your favourite reading material and music – There’s only so much you can sit around and stare at the sea. To while away your time as you work on your tan, make sure your tablet has all your favourite reading material. There’s nothing more relaxing than lounging around by a swimming pool, reading your favourite things. My favourite apps are Flipboard and Zite (that’s if you have a data plan on your tablet or if you’re in a wifi zone), which collects articles and photographs from the best newspapers and magazines from around the world and compiles them based on your interests. If you don’t have access to wifi or data by the poolside or on the beach, don’t fret. Download Pocket, an app which will save all your reading material for you, for when you are not in a wifi zone. Summer Fashion for Men

8. The Right Trunks – There’s an on-going debate about this. And in my eyes, there’s only one winner…the trunk. Gentlemen, this is not the 1980s, so kindly don’t show up at the pool or on the beach in your ‘budgie smugglers’ (those nasty Speedos, in case you were wondering) and NEVER in your actual underwear. Make sure you have the right trunks, in the right length. I like the idea of a pair of bright fluorescent trunks, which ends slightly below the mid-thigh level. My favourite international swimming trunk brand is Love Brand & Co. Check out my swimming trunks post here to see what length of trunk I am referring to. Summer Fashion for Men

With these summer basics neatly packed away in your bag, Christmas in Goa, New Years in Bali or a wedding in the Southern Hemisphere will be a breeze. A perfect example of using summer trends to tide us through winter.



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