What makes Škoda Superb Truly Luxurious

Clear lines, precise quality and balanced proportions are all elements of the craftsmanship portraying Škoda’s brand new design language.

Raked rear windscreen giving it an almost coupe like appearance and a clean rear with very sharp angular LED lights.

Škoda’s chief designer Jozef Kaban has crafted their flagship very elegantly with clear lines and balanced proportions, and a fluid interplay between convex and concave surfaces making it look even better than the predecessor.

The Sharp Exterior:

Wide front radiator grill and centrally positioned logo, a dynamically contoured bonnet, and razor-sharp wide Headlights – Crystalline Shape in all its glory. The Superb is a big car both inside & out but, Škoda has also successfully balanced out the proportions, delivering harmony in width, height and length.

I strongly urge you to check it out in person at one of the many Škoda showrooms across the city, this car will sway you.

Its Czech crystal adorned new Bi-Xenon AFS headlamps low beam has variable geometry. And both the low and high beams have swivelling and cornering functions as well as dynamic headlamp inclination control. Do checkout those gorgeous eyelashes.



The Luxurious Interior:

The Superb is a car which has always been known to offer over and above its class/segment and the New 2016 machine is no different. Its cabin is basically the lap of luxury, a rich, First-Class experience all the way.

After engine start-up, the Ambient lighting intensity automatically switches to driving mode. The design lights (white, blue & green) create a discreet ambience during your journey.

The completely new generation of air conditioning guarantees an optimum interior temperature. The driver, front passenger and rear passengers can all control the temperature in their individual zones.

Electrically adjustable driver’s seat (including lumbar support) with memory-stored settings, three-zone air conditioning for the maximum comfort of all passengers, and two umbrellas in the front doors – a la Rolls-Royce. These are just some of the plethora of comfort features designed to ensure your maximum satisfaction and convenience.

Pushing the envelope further, the top-end Laurin & Klement model also features these fabulous air-conditioned front seats. Yes, the seats themselves will cool/warm your body resting against it via these small holes which in turn is ventilated by an internal climate control unit. So no more dreading getting into your car parked in the sun with those burning hot seats.

You can control multimedia on the car right from the leather-wrapped multi-function steering wheel.


The panoramic sunroof can be electrically tilted and opens towards the back, so you can cruise the Bandra-Worli Sealink feeling the sea breeze in your face with your feet firmly planted in plush leather within.

Safety is one aspect where many car makers have traditionally cut corners in India but not Škoda. The all new Superb features not four, not five but an incredible Eight airbags! Their main purpose, is to work in tandem with the seat belts to prevent the occupants’ bodies from coming into contact with any rigid parts of the car and minimise any consequences of such contact.

I am quite impressed by this very classy video by Škoda highlighting all the luxurious value additions to the car that make it well & truly, Superb! The beautiful ambient mood lighting, keyless touch-start & touch auto-close boot, the adjustable seats, and the like…….  

Škoda have paid keen attention to not just the big things like engine & cabin overhaul but, so many small things which eventually make a big difference. They have walked the talk when it comes to their tagline, Simply Clever.

Škoda have gone all-out to make their flagship truly worthy of its name and I think it’s a resounding success!


Words & Photos by Vishal Jolapara


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