Tata Coffee Plantation Trails, Coorg : Day 2

The next morning, I woke up to a cold, still, and misty atmosphere at the Tata Coffee Plantation Trails. The serenity of Coorg is unbelievable. We were accompanied by a guide to the golf course, where we spent our morning bird-watching and walking through nature. We learned about the different flora and fauna of Coorg which included a plant called Jatropha which was extremely intriguing. Our guide plucked a stem of this plant, broke it just a little so as to make a gap in the stem, and then blew through the gap. To our amazement, it was exactly as if he was blowing bubbles! how cool is that?


We went on to spot multiple bird species and then came across them beautiful lotus ponds. The serenity of Coorg is definitely a break from the noisy, city life I am so used to.


We headed back to the bungalow for a breakfast of fruit juice, eggs, rice rotis (a signature Coorg dish), delicious dosas, chutney, etc which I thoroughly enjoyed. There was always more than any of us could eat and the food was always spot on.


We then set out on a safari of the estate in a vehicle I have never seen before. It was so much fun. We were shown two other bungalows – Woshully and Cottabetta. Cottabetta is another one of the premium bungalows, as I mentioned earlier. From all the bungalows that I saw, Cottabetta was definitely my favourite. The view from the bungalow is breath-taking, with only greenery for acres.



After a steaming cup of coffee, while the caretakers exchanged their endless elephant encounters with us, we headed back to the Thaneerhulla bungalow.


We were extremely excited about lunch, as earlier that day, they hinted to us that it would consist of the famous Coorg special: Pandi Kari. Pandi Kari is pork curry, accompanied by kadambuto, which are rice balls. It was so delicious! I cannot wait to try it out myself.


We had initially decided to go to the National Park later that afternooon, and we were quite disappointed that it was closed due to the heavy rain the previous day. Yes, rain. So we decided to have a quiet afternoon and meet later for a game of badminton.

After quite a delightful evening, we went back into the bungalow for starters and dinner for the last time, and then went to bed thinking about the long drive to Bangalore, early the next morning.

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