The Cool Quotient: Retro Soya Sauce Bottle

At, I am always scouting for cool ideas and things to feature. And this one seemed to just fall into my lap.

During a recent trip to the Far East (Singapore), I chanced upon this at a takeaway dim sum restaurant. The good old fashioned fish bottle for soya sauce. This tiny little container opens up at the nose of the fish and squirts out soya sauce, great for takeaway meals. I was instantly taken back to my childhood when I was extremely fascinated by these bottles, every time I travelled to Hong Kong, Singapore or Bangkok. In face, I had an entire collection of these. This was about 15 years ago. Till last month, when at a food court, the lady at the counter handed this to me. My joy knew no bounds. This is the cutest and quirkiest element of a boring takeaway meal.

I wish someone would do this in Mumbai! Chinese restaurants in the city, are you listening???


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