The Great Gatsby — Style from the Art Deco era

Everybody I know is waiting to watch ‘The Great Gatsby’, not only because it is one of American literature’s great classics, but also because it has recreated an era whose style we admire greatly. After Don Draper’s ’60s style revival in Mad Men,  Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel has brought alive the glamour of the art deco era. International brand Brooks Brothers has collaborated with the filmmaker and has released a limited-edition menswear collection that celebrates the sophisticated fashion, sported by the men in those days. The collection transports you to the roaring ’20s, an era where decadent parties, champagne nights and elegant evenings were the norm. In fact, Scott Fitzgerald has even mentioned the brand in his novel several times. 
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The collection is a beautiful ensemble of garments and accessories with a distinct Art-Deco inspiration– tailored suits, tuxedoes, shirts, ties, shoes and accessories like cufflinks and more.

008I_ONYX-GOLD_G Onyx and Gold Cufflinks

MH00324_BROWN-WHITE_GWhite and Brown Wingtips

MH00323_BROWN-WHITEWhite and Brown Loafers

I am particularly fascinated by the fashion of the ’20s because, I find it simple, yet so glamorous. I like how Brooks Brothers have modernised the silhouettes of some of their recreations to make them valid in today’s context. In terms of my personal style, I have always been a fan of the American preppie chic style, which, I find, is directly or indirectly inspired by the Art deco style of the ’20s. I love the generous use of navy blue, red and white, three of my favourite colours. I also love the use of bright colours on ties. And pocket squares galore. This is something that I am currently obsessing about. I love how effortlessly they make an appearance in different ensembles. Stripes and checks. I am not sure if I would wear a striped jacket but I love how it looks on some people. Especially on white pants. A checked waistcoat is a ‘must-have’, in my opinion. MM00240_BROWN_1_GSix-buttoned waistcoat paired with linen trousers

ME01195_ECRU_G Slim-fit cotton Oxford dress shirt

MM00243_BURGUNDY_1Striped Regatta Blazer with Cotton Twill Trousers

MM00242_NAVY_1_GSlim Jacket with Red Striped Piping

MM00241_PINK_1_GLinen Jacket and Trousers

MJ00072_GREY_1_GThe Shawl Collar Cardigan (my favourite piece from the collection)

MM00238_LIGHT-BROWN_GSix-buttoned waistcoat

MM00239_KHAKI_1_GClassic Wool and Linen Jacket

MZ00017_BLACK_1_GOne Button Tuxedo

MM00244_RED-WHITE-NAVY_1_GThe Striped Regatta Blazer

The bow-tie. Another eternal debate in my mind. It appears all over Brooks Brothers’ collection. I am still not convinced that I would carry off a bow-tie, but, once again, I love how it looks on some guys.

I love the linen suits as they are perfect summerwear. Great to wear to the races, or a brunch or even a daytime wedding.

With Mad Men and now with The Great Gatsby the glamour of menswear seems to have resurfaced and men across the globe are going all out to dress up and look the part. Hair slicked back, polished shoes, tailored suits and sartorial styles… menswear has reached new heights!






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