The Grooming Guru’s Top Summer Fragrance Picks For 2016

You can count on your favourite Grooming Guru to bring you the coolest updates from the world of men’s grooming. This year, a lot has been happening on the summer fragrance front. There have been some interesting new releases, a bunch of summer versions of existing fragrances as well as a a few reinterpretations of iconic fragrances.

Here are my top summer fragrance picks for 2016 and just why I love them so much.
1.Dior Homme Intense
By: Parfums Dior
Why: Let’s face it, any self-respecting luxury lover ought to own a Dior fragrance. Whether its Monsieur Dior’s avant-garde spirit that translates to the house fragrances even in 2016, or the unmistakable Dior bee, a sign of masculinity, much loved by Monsieur Dior, or the luxurious composition of these fragrances, Dior is the quintessence of luxury fragrances.
Bottle: The very same bottle as its original version, Dior Homme, the clean lines and minimalist design represents the timeless elegance of the Dior man.

Notes: Dior chose the very best, François Demachy, as their nose for this fragrance. It is characterised by its powdery notes, with elements of vanilla, lavender, vetiver and iris.
Perfect for: A champagne sundowner,
Price: Rs. 7, 900 for 100ml.

2. CK2
By: Calvin Klein
Why: Honestly, while I have warmed up to CK2, it is certainly not one of my favourites from a house that has given me CK One and CK Be, two of my all time favourites. This 2016 release is designed to be a unisex fragrance.
Bottle: I love the bottle, a glass cylinder which fits into a flat base. The bottle is beautifully minimalist.

Notes: Vetiver, sandalwood and incense characterise this fragrance, which is also infused with notes of lime, vanilla and wood.
Perfect for: Daytime wear.
Price: Rs. 3, 800 for 100ml (available exclusively on

3. Code Profumo
By: Giorgio Armani
Why: Everyone needs a profumo (eau de parfum) in their fragrance collection. If you’re a serious luxury aficionado then this is an unfettered expression of luxury, right from the Italian luxury behemoth. This is Giorgio Armani’s latest fragrance release.
Bottle: Stunningly disconcerting, as the understated bottle is unusually curved, so you inevitably take a minute to stare at and interact with the bottle.

Notes: This fragrance is explicitly Oriental in its composition. It is pleasantly spicy with notes of cardamom, apple, leather, nutmeg and even vanilla.
Perfect for: A red carpet.
Price: Rs. 6, 500 for 110ml.

4. Only The Brave
By: Diesel
Why: Diesel’s founder Renzo Rosso is edgy and makes a statement. And so does his fragrance. In many ways, this unique fragrance represents Diesel’s hard-hitting approach to fashion, designed for ‘only the brave’.
Bottle: The best part. The sculpted bottle is shaped like a man’s clutched fist with the metallic Diesel logo along the fingers. I’ve always found this bottle to be particularly striking. It was inspired by the RR tattoo on the designer’s knuckle, a gift to himself for his 50th.

Notes: Lemon and mandarin blended with musk and cedar with strong whiffs of leather. This fragrance is quintessentially masculine.
Perfect for: A night out on the town.
Price: Rs. 5, 400 for 125ml.

5. Fahrenheit Cologne
By: Parfums Dior
Why: I love a good, classic cologne with its signature citrus aroma. It has a certain timeless appeal. The original Fahrenheit launched in 1988 and this is a new ‘cologne’ version of it, once again created by Dior’s genius nose, François Demachy.
Bottle: Elegant in its simplicity, the new bottle retains the same shape, clean lines and trademark deep red colour.
Notes: Bergamot dominates, as it should, in this cologne, blended with notes of Sicilian mandarin, patchouli and Haitian vetiver. A heady concoction indeed!
Perfect for: Summer daywear. It makes for a great office cologne as it is light, elegant and has an old-world charm.
Price: Rs. 6, 900 for 125 ml.

6. CK One Summer
By: Calvin Klein
Why: I’ve gone through countless bottles of CK One, the original, ever since its frosted glass bottle launched in 1994. I absolutely love the 2016 summer version of the original, with far more pronounced sweet notes.
Bottle: I CANNOT get over this bottle. Just holding it makes me want to take a beach vacation. The new bottle comes in a pleasing green colour and has a textured motif of a palm tree across the bottle.

Notes: As its name suggests, CK One Summer is refreshingly summery — citrus, fruity and sweet, it also has notes of vanilla and a hint of musk.
Perfect for: This cologne is so light and refreshing that it gets my vote for the ‘ultimate beach resort’ fragrance. Slip it into your beach bag, or spritz it on after a dip in the pool. Summer bliss!
Price: Rs. 3, 750 for 100ml.


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