The #GroomingGuru Gets Candid on Body Odour with Arjun Rampal

At the recent launch of the Nivea Men Body Deodorizer, a revolutionary new product that is designed to work on day-long odour control, Bollywood star Arjun Rampal got candid with me about male grooming issues, body odour and other ‘delicate’ topics. One thing that we mutually agreed upon, during the course of our interview, was the fact that deodorizer, anti-perspirant and fragrance sprays are COMPLETELY different, play different roles and are not mean to be confused with each other. Here’s how my interaction with Arjun Rampal, panned out.

Riaan: I have noticed that a lot of Indian men face this body odour problem. Do you think that it stems mostly from a lack of awareness?
Arjun Armpal: It is all about lack of awareness. Firstly, it has taken a lot of time for India to get used to actually going out and buying a can of deodorant. Then, there is wrong information given out to people. For example, people think that if you spray it on your shirt, you will have day-long freshness. People also think that nobody is coming to spell the armpits, so they wonder why spraying the armpits is so important. THAT’S where the odour is coming from, guys. I think that using a deodorant is as important as brushing your teeth. It is mandatory, especially in our climate. People abroad, in cooler climates, can easily get away without using deodorant, but they still use a lot of it.
In fact, when we were kids, a lot of men would use talcum powder to smell good, and to absorb sweat. This body odour issue has existed for a while, but now we know how to tackle it. There is no excuse for smelling bad.

Riaan: Do you think that is is important for us to bust this myth that deodrant and perfume are the same thing?
Arjun Rampal: They are completely separate things. Whoever thinks like that is mistaken and is being stupid about it. If they think they are saving money by being conned into using them interchangeably then they are being penny wise and pound foolish.

Riaan: What is your personal body odour protection plan?
Arjun Rampal? I use a deodrant myself. I have to. I make sure that I keep myself clean. I don’t repeat my clothes. And whoever is washing my clothes is washing them correctly as well. There are lots of times you pick out a shirt that is freshly ironed, washed, kept in your closet, and you pick it up and put it on and it smells, for some reason, because its not being washed well. So make sure whoever is washing your clothes is doing a good job of it. Certain fabrics are to be avoided completely during summer like synethic fabrics ; nylon, polyester, . You should wear more cotton. Make sure your skin is breathing and not attracting heat. These are my recommendations.

Riaan: While on the subject of deodrants and hygiene do you think hair removal is something that has anything to do with body odour?
Arjun Rampal: It definitely does. Sometimes, if you do have a tendency to get body odour depeding on acidic levels, how much water you are drinking, toxins, etc, it is hygienic to keep a check on your under arm hair and not grow a forest under there. Grooming it is always a good idea. But that’s a whole new debate altogether.

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