The Stretch Jeans Trend: Lee Jade Fusion Denims

 Denim is HUGE this season. Everything from denim shirts and accessories, shoes and even watchstraps are ruling the roost in the men’s fashion department. And I am revelling in this trend. When it comes to jeans, I have noticed a huge trend this season – stretch fabric. A lot of denim producers have chosen to move away from the traditional thick denim, which tends to be heavier and opt for a nice stretch fabric. So basically, these stretch jeans – not to be confused with jeggings – look like jeans from the outside, but are so soft to the touch and stretch when you tug on them.

I am enjoying this tactile luxury with my new pair of Jade Fusion denims by Lee. To see that I have a mild penchant for this new pair of ultra-soft, stretch denims would be to make a gross understatement. I discovered the Lee Jade Fusions recently, when I was scouting through stores for a lighter pair of denims to wear around the city this summer. I have to say that I have been pleasantly surprised. Let me start with the super light fabric : the jeans are permanently infused with a jade yarn, with fragments of real jade, which, as I learnt, helps manage moisture from perspiration better, thanks to its custom designed loom.

The fit : I chose a regular slim fit, which as I expected fit me like a glove. I did have to roll up the bottom creatively so that the jeans could fall well, but otherwise, around the thighs and shin, the jeans fell perfectly and carved my silhouette effortlessly.


I’ve been sporting my Lee Jade Fusion denims all season during my long and hectic days at work. They are absolutely perfect for the summer because they are light, soft and extremely practical to be out braving the sun.

Here are a few of my workwear looks paired with my new denims:

 I always believe that when you have a pair of denims that fit like a glove, and which flatter you, let them speak out. The best way to do this is to wear a basic tee, which lets your jeans do all the talking.




In this look, I wore my jeans relatively high, and tucked the shirt in casually. I chose to not wear a belt to keep the look more casual and summery. The shirt from Lee’s summer collection is, of course, in my current favourite colour – yellow.





Summer layering is fun. A light cotton tee, with a bright checked shirt – both from Lee’s summer collection – do the trick. A tee and shirt layered look is perfect for a long day at work, as you can lose or throw on the shirt whenever you need to.






So there you have it, guys. My verdict on the current trend of stretch jeans, as seen through Lee’s new Jade Fusion collection. Stay tuned to UrbanEye for more menswear trends and style updates from me.

Photography- Vishal Jolapara


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