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Tommy Hilfiger Bandi: American Preppy Style Meets Indian Chic

If you haven’t already read our first blogpost on Experiments With Style, where we blend American preppy style with a a traditional piece of Indian clothing, check it out here.

As we mentioned, Tommy Hilfiger’s limited edition bandi, released exclusively in India to celebrate the brand’s tenth anniversary in the country, is available in two colours – a classic navy and a rich camel.

In our first three experiments, we showed you how to pair the navy bandi with shorts, jeans and chinos. Today, we move to the camel bandi. We have to admit that it was far easier to work with the camel bandi as the pairing options were infinitely more than with the rather sombre navy blue one.
So here goes, let’s have some more fun with the bandi.

Our readers will be happy to know that we at Urban Eye are the FIRST in the country to get our hands on this exclusive Tommy Hilfiger limited edition piece and you are the first to view it.

Experiment Number 4: The Polo-Tee Professional
What you need: Your favourite Polo-tee in a bright colour, jeans or white trousers, loafers.

We chose Vishal Jolapara, one of India’s top aviation photographers to model for us. Now Vishal is always out on the field on photo assignments and needs to be comfortably dressed at press conferences and events. His style staples are beige chinos and polo-tees, perfect, in our opinion, for a cool photographer. I chose to dress up his otherwise run-of-the-mill polo look with the camel bandi and the result was fantastic.

American preppy style
A blue polo with the camel bandi. One of my favourite colour combinations
American preppy style
You could even do an all-white look with a white polo and white trousers, with the camel bandi standing out as a statement.
American preppy style
You can’t go wrong with a polo, can you?

Experiment Number 5: The Dapper Denim Dude
What You Need: Your favourite denim shirt, a bottom of your choice, cool loafers.

As a photographer, Vishal is always wearing denim shirts as they are comfy and stylish at the same time. I couldn’t think of a trendier way to dress up a denim shirt look than by pairing it with a bandi. Here’s how it looked.

American preppy style
Sharp and urban, is how we would describe this look.

American preppy style

Experiment Number 6: The Indian Dandy
What you need: Your favourite shirt and tie combo, a nice pair of brogues.
We couldn’t possibly do a bandi experiment without incorporating a tie. So we chose a basic blue shirt, a retro tie and paired it with the jacket.

American preppy style
Make sure the top two buttons are let open to let the tie be seen. Fold up your sleeves for greater effect.

The bandi seems to be becoming the ‘it’ piece of clothing this season. So get your hands on one and carry out your own experiments in style. As you could see, all we did was pair it up with simple, basics, which are worn on an every day basis, making them look supremely stylish. It’s so so easy!

Styling: Aakriti Dobhal
Photography: Sanat Gaba
Model: Vishal Jolapara






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