Travel in Style: Singapore Airlines

In recent times, I have noticed that most travellers around me remain completely indifferent to the actual ‘travel’ experience They look for the cheapest fares, book a ticket and couldn’t care less to look beyond that. Sometimes, when I ask my friends, they don’t even know what airline they are flying to go on their vacation.

As a seasoned traveller and blogger, part of my job is to highlight the ‘experiential’ aspect of my journey. Before all my journeys, I research my airline, find out what aircraft I’m flying on and even check to see what kind of on-board product they offer.  As someone who has travelled for a living, for many years, writing and sharing my experiences, I always come across people asking me what my favourite airline is. Most people would say that that is far to broad and sweeping a question to ask. But I have to say I have my preferences and favourites right down to the tee. Do I love the stylish nonchalance of the Air France crew? Or the discreet luxury of Swiss, the sometimes haphazard but undeniably warm, homely service of Air India, the efficiency and warmth of South African Airways or the Middle Eastern flamboyance of Emirates and Qatar Airways? I do love all of them, but if I was to chose one from among my preferred airlines, it would have to be Singapore Airlines.

Singapore Airlines

I’ve followed Singapore Airlines’ progress right from the days of their 747 Megatops, their famous ultra-long-haul flights from Singapore to New York on the Airbus 340-500, right until the time they launched the A380.

And who can deny those beautiful Singapore Girls, in their iconic Pierre Balmain designed sarong kabayas, the island nation’s most recognisable ambassador.

Aiming to be ahead of the game in every single aspect of the passenger experience, the airline is constantly innovating and reinventing its product.

When Singapore Airlines recently launched their ultra-luxurious suites and seats in First Class and Business Class, the travel world raved. Watch out for my next post, which will show you just what these fabulous new cabins look like.

Singapore Airlines



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