Travel Style – Soaking Up The Pondicherry Vibe

I recently experienced one of the most inspiring journeys of my life – I spent a few days in Pondicherry, a slice of France at the heart of south India. Most of you who know me are well aware of my cultural attachment with France and the fact that I am bilingual with English and French. It therefore came as a pleasant surprise when I strolled through the quaint streets of Pondicherry to discover street names written in French, quaint cafes, beautiful baroque buildings in pastel shades and the sound of French being spoken on the roads between locals and expatriates. It was a pleasant cultural shock for me.

I am writing this post, less to talk about the destination (as I have already chronicled my travel experience on my blog), but more to talk about my sartorial choices in Pondicherry. As you flip through my photographs, you might notice that I’ve adopted a visibly nautical look. Could you blame me? Pondicherry as a destination lends itself so perfectly to a nautical vibe, what with its beautiful seaside promenade, the lighthouse, the colourful baroque facades and, of course, the blue Bay of Bengal right there. My choice of clothing was simple but laden with symbolism – a pair of well-fitted denims, paired with a nautical striped cotton tee and the ever trendy pair of white sneakers.


Why denim, and not shorts, you ask? Well, whenever I travel to a new destination, especially one with spiritual or religious establishments to visit, I prefer to wear denims over shorts, just because they are so versatile. I could visit a temple by day, a café by noon and a bar by night, and not have to worry about being over or under dressed.

That said, this picture of me, seated on the wall of the Promenade Hotel in Pondicherry perfectly encapsulates my experience there – I found my spot, my perch, where I could sit, sip on a cup of coffee, soak up the sun and just watch the world go by.

Tell me what you think of my jeans and nautical tee look… Would you like to adopt a similar look on your next travels?




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