Vintage and Vintage-inspired: Classic OMEGA Watches

The most curious coincidence took place today. I was going through a press release describing Omega’s latest model — The Speedmaster 57 — gushing endlessly over how it would look on my wrist. What I love most about the new model is its rose gold body, complemented by a smooth stainless steel finish. The new model is inspired by the first OMEGA Speedmaster, which was launched way back in 1957. Though the Speedmaster is usually associated with three sub-dials, this particular model only features two. Enough of this, let’s get on with this story now…

Here’s what it looks like…

Speedmaster 57 ST-YG_white dial_white background

All of a sudden, my very stylish friend Gokul Dharan shares a picture with me — one of a vintage OMEGA Seamaster, passed down from his grandfather to his father and now in his own possession. I was delighted! This blog post, which was intended to be a mere product showcase has now got a whole new dimension, since I’ve managed to look at two avatars of a classic, in the very same day. The slightly worn out look and vintage stainless steel strap only adds charm and character to the piece. The classic white – now beige, I can’t really tell – dial is simple and elegant. How awesome would this vintage piece look under the cuff of a sleek, modern shirt? Or even a quirky tee-shirt? It would certainly catch the attention of many.

Some of today’s Seamasters have coloured dials, to reflect the evolving tastes of the modern gentlemen.  But I’m still digging the classic dial on the old model.

The world of fashion and accessories is ever so fickle. Things go out of style and are looked down upon in no time. But some classics just never go out of style. Like this  Seamaster heirloom, and, in a more modern context, the latest Speedmaster. Truly timeless!




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