Vintage Fashion For Men: Ties and Cufflinks at Viange Monsieur

Over the years, my female friends have always waxed eloquent about being ‘vintage chic’. Lace, pearls, retro-dresses, accessories, women have enjoyed countless options to go vintage. My buddies, on the other hand, rarely ever experimented with style beyond boring office shirts and ‘modern’ tees. I constantly lamented about the lack of anything better, especially in terms of vintage fashion for men. There really wasn’t much to look forward to. I often wished we men could look back in time and adopt some of the codes of elegance that decades of yore have showcased. In the past few years, thankfully enough, a major change has come about. And I couldn’t be happier.┬áIn the wake of Don Draper’s ’60s style and Gatsby’s Roaring ’20s elegance, it is pretty clear that vintage fashion for men has risen up from the ashes.

Pocket squares, Savile Row suits, old English prints, tie bars, classic shoe cuts and the works. Menswear has donned a brand new avatar. An elegant and sophisticated on, inspired by our forefathers.

In this wave of vintage, Viange, a label that specialises in vintage jewellery for women (we absolutely love their original, vintage pieces from Dior, Givenchy and YSL) sent me a few pics of their latest collection for men. AND I LOVE IT. Check out these ties. I am already beginning to think of how I’d pair them with my white shirts and dark suits. A chocolate brown suit, yes that’s the new black, could perfectly complement one of these ties.

Check them out and tell me what you think. So what if you don’t want to go all retro on your girlfriend and sport a Draper-style suit…you could add a touch of good taste to your attire with a vintage tie. What say, gentlement?

Vintage Fashion For Men
Love the delicate, floral motifs on this old tie, straight from Monsieur Dior’s parisian maison.
Vintage Fashion For Men
The Italians have always had a quirky side to them. Take, for instance, these cute lightbulb prints on this tie… I’d totally add this to my ‘quirky accessories’ closet.
Vintage Fashion For Men
Polka dots…not very often we see these on ties! Adds a nice geeky touch to an ensemble. Balmain just never goes out of style!
Vintage Fashion For Men
And who can ever challenge Valentino for his sense of timeless elegance. Love these checks and the subtle V logo at the bottom of this tie.
Vintage Fashion For Men
And for good measure, I’ve thrown in these lovely vintage Givenchy cufflinks…


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