The Watch Report: My Omega Speedmaster Date


When I first decided to buy a proper ‘adult’ watch, I had a difficult time deciding on which one to go for. I wanted something with pedigree but one that wasn’t going to break the bank and it had to be a chrono.

Now, I have much love for the Rolex Daytona but then (as now) it has been largely unaffordable. I finally settled on picking something from Omega as it had every attribute I was looking for and was not hard sold like other brand(s)

Funnily enough, I had gone to the store to pick up either the Moonwatch, arguably their most famous timepiece or the Moon to Mars which was one of the more unique looking ones. The lack of a solid bezel on the Moonwatch and the fact that it sat so large on my wrist made me hesitate. The Moon to Mars was very interesting to look at but was rather dull.

Looking around the store the radiant blue Omega Speedmaster Date caught my eye. It was clean with a certain understated style; its angled bezel makes it look larger than its 39mm size. The dial was easily readable and it sat perfectly on my wrist. What’s more I couldn’t take my eyes of it, pretty much love at first sight.


While the Omega Speedmaster Date isn’t powered by the coveted Lemania movement of the Speedmaster Pro,  its 1164 movement is a modified Valjoux 7750 which is formidable and makes it a nifty piece of kit. The fact that the price was lower than the other two watches I was considering made it a terrific value proposition (which I believe it still is today)

The Omega Speedmaster Date goes well for formal as well as sporty occasions and despite its relatively smaller footprint it still gets plenty of attention. I have worn it very regularly over the years and am still in love with it. Personally I think its much better looking than the flagship as well as the updated day & date which I happen to dislike immensely for its busy and cramped looking face.

omega speedmaster date

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