What’s On My Feet: The Classic Adidas Gazelle

Some fashion items just never go out of style. Things like Burberry’s trench coat, the Tod’s loafer or Ralph Lauren’s polos, don’t seem to be going anywhere. Another one of my favourite timeless classics is the Superstar sneaker by Adidas.

This season, the Superstar celebrates its 40th anniversary of making casual style, well, stylish.
I popped on a pair of these blue Gazelles — the luxurious suede makes me want to live in them — and they stood out instantly.

I have to say that I am not much of a sneaker person, and having the kind of job I do, I am unable to wear them more often than not. But on weekends, when I do slip into something more comfy, it has to be something like this. Something classic, casual, brightly coloured, yet super chic. The Gazelle rises to that challenge, which is probably why it hasn’t gone out of style.

My verdict: no matter where in the world you are, even in the midst of a madding crowd or in a see of bad shoes (the kinds I often find myself drowning in) it’s easy to recognise those three white stripes…

You’re a Superstar indeed!


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